Letters to the editor

Democrats seem OK with separation

In the course of human events, Kate Brown and other democrats, along with Planned Parenthood, use tax dollars to prohibit children from entering the world legally. Where is the outrage?

They are really separating children from their parents — permanently. And we thought human children had a right to life under the law of nature and nature’s God. First principle of the Declaration of Independence.

Ray Godfrey

Buena Vista

Maybe it’s time to return Lady Liberty

We in America are currently living in troubled times. As we witness the recent separation of immigrant children (and their internment) from their parents in their attempt to escape horrendous conditions and seek a safe haven in the United States, the recent rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court that appears to ban Muslims from the United States, the hatred of foreigners expressed by the President in policy and speech. Perhaps it is time for America to return the Statue of Liberty to France with a note of gratitude for allowing the United States to display it during the time of the glorious days of its history. The message of “Welcome ...”, carried with the Statue of Liberty appears no longer relevant as a number of Americans have forgotten who made America great. Immigration has been the lifeblood to our nation’s greatness. We now appear to have an “autocrat in waiting” as we witness our democracy threatened. We need to give serious thought to the words of German author, screenwriter, and film director Werner Herzog, who recently wrote on twitter:

“Dear America: You are waking up, as Germany once did, to the awareness that 1/3 of your people would kill another 1/3, while 1/3 watches.” 23 Aug 2017.

William Barber


Time for day treatment to return

This letter is written in response to the concerns of the Dallas elementary school staffs regarding the student behaviors they are attempting to manage in their classrooms. Kudos to the staff for presenting their concerns to the school board about the turmoil that has been going on.

I am troubled for children with severe behavior problems that do not seem to be getting adequate services. I am also concerned for those mainstream children who are witnessing these children ravage classrooms and hurt others. In our community, we lost Poyama Day Treatment several years ago. This was the program for 40+ years serving children who needed intense, ongoing daily therapy and a very structured, safe environment. These children could live in our community but needed more than our education system could provide. A focus towards maintaining these children in their home school, providing alternative services such as mentoring, skills training, and once-a-week counseling, and decreasing costs in the state mental health budget caused Poyama’s enrollment to decrease and subsequently close.

Funding for children’s programs in the schools has decreased. It is complicated; but there seems to be less qualified and fewer behavioral and counseling staff and fewer specialized programs for children with serious behaviors. The wrap-around model in children’s mental health is good but is not enough. In the 1970s and ’80s day treatment was funded by the state. It did not matter about your socio-economic status or health insurance. It was set up for all children who needed it.

Maybe it is time to come back around in this community for starting up a new professional day treatment program in Polk County. It worked for 40 years. We owe it to our children.

Helen Dusschee


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