NFL player holds skills camp at WOU

Around 200 kids showed up for the football skills camp on June 26.

Photo by Jennifer Biberston
Around 200 kids showed up for the football skills camp on June 26.

MONMOUTH — Another year of excited fans getting the chance to meet and play football alongside Tyrell Williams, a Western Oregon University alum and wide receiver for the L.A, Chargers, made way on June 26.

This was Williams’ second year organizing a youth football camp at WOU, and because of its success, he decided to come back.

“The first year was awesome,” he said. “We had a really good turn out and a lot of people seemed like they were happy about it and excited to come for next year, so we had to think a little bit bigger and have more resources for this year so we have more kids.”


Tyrell Williams overlooks the different training circuits at his offensive skills camp on June 26.

Two hundred and fifty seventh-12th graders signed up for the free camp and around 200 came out for the day to learn about offensive football skills as well as a chance to meet Williams. Many were seen lining up to get a photo with him or approaching him for a quick conversation throughout the day.

“It doesn’t feel like they’re here for me, it feels like they’re here for camp,” Williams said, “So I’m just appreciative of everyone who comes out and helps.”

Those helping him out for the day were some friends he played with in college, his dad Ray Williams, and WOU’s head and assistant football coaches.

The camp ran from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and included instruction for quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends and offensive linemen. But Williams wanted to make sure the kids had a good time.

“The most important thing is just having fun, and then try and just show them technique and fundamentals,” Williams said.

Everyone got to enjoy a BBQ at the end of camp.

“(The camp) is a great opportunity for kids to come out and get coached by some great coaches and also to see what other kids are doing at other schools,” Andy Jackson, Dallas High School head football coach, said, who brought along 32 members of his football team.

He said the skills they learned in camp coincide with what they learn at practice.

“It’s very applicable to what we’re doing now,” Jackson said, “and it’s great for them to hear what they hear every day at practice from (these coaches). It just reinforces those things. And I knew that was going to happen today.”

Seniors Kenny Chen and William Button of Dallas both found Williams to be someone they could look up to.

“It’s inspirational in how he just kind of climbed all the way up to his NFL career; he worked really hard and he’s a good example for our team,” Button said.

“It gives me a vision of what an NFL player looks like,” Chen said.

Besides getting a chance to meet a famous football player, Button added that being there was good for their team because it helped them work on their technique and to clean up the details.

Williams heads back to L.A. soon to begin his first phase of training for the 2018-19 NFL football season.

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