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Letters to the editor for July 11

Behavior chain goes untreated I agree with Mr. Kluting 100 percent re: “Behavior issue a parent problem” letter which he wrote in a previous I-O. However part of the equation is missing. Many of the parents mentioned have probably experienced trauma as children. Enough trauma can actually change how a developing brain functions. As these children become adults, their social/emotional functioning is stunted. This affects their parenting thus causing trauma in their children which is expressed in behavioral issues.

There are organizations from the state, county, and private arenas that have home visiting programs. They offer these parents resources to help with their trauma. They teach nurturing parenting skills and child development.

These programs are underfunded and thus understaffed. So, many go without help. Unfortunately, there are also those who don’t realize they need help and decline services. Maybe if communities as a whole understood trauma, its effect on brain development and the vicious chain it perpetrates, there would be more effective processes to break that chain.

Kathy Pecchioni Graham


Another great run in the books I would like to thank all the walkers and runners who came out on the Fourth of July to participate in the 48th Annual Mini-Marathon Fun Run; we had over 400 participants. All proceeds go to support local charities. Special thanks to our volunteers who helped with registration, water station, and the finish line. Thank you to local businesses for helping provide awesome finisher bags. Also a special thanks to the community police and fire departments, city officials, and Independence Days volunteers. Lastly, for those of you watching along the parade route. Thank you for the encouragement along the course.

Please consider joining us next year.

Jennifer O’Sullivan


Big family causes noise concerns I wonder if decorum is a thing of the past, not just since the 2016 election and the horrible results it entailed that continue on an hourly basis, but maybe before then? When I was growing up (in the South, 40+ years ago) there were certain protocol that we adhered to, like, obeying your parents, respecting your elders, offering help to those in need, etc. Methods of discipline were also different back then, but none of us would’ve been allowed to carry on and scream and shout if it would affect or offend others. I live in a neighborhood that is by all accounts very decent. I like and respect the neighbors I’ve come to know in the past 11 years; however, there is a neighbor who has many children that are allowed free reign on a constant basis, all hours of the day and night, and with no concern for the seven neighboring houses and their occupants. They scream and yell and carry on as if they’re not being supervised. It is very disconcerting that I am forced to withstand that noise and their parents allow it, but if the tables were turned and I were making unwanted noise — it’s just not right.

Jessie Rice


Many hands made tourney successful I would like to thank many people for the behind-the-scenes work that was done to make the 45th Fourth of July Tennis Tournament great. Let’s start with the facility. Shane Hedrick has done so much to keep the tennis courts in top shape over the last 11 years. People who follow the tennis tournament circuit in the summer months tell me that we have the best courts. Thank you, Denise Wallace for always making my job look easy with all the paperwork you do. Thank you, Ron Warkentin for setting up the sponsors years ahead of me. It is so easy for me to make the contacts each year as you set down a straight path.

Thank you, Les Schwab in Independence. You have done so much for sports in our community and we appreciate your gift of giving. Thank you, Graphic Latitude in Dallas. You have been wonderful about getting great designs in just the right amount of time. Thank you, Jennifer Halley of the Polk County Itemizer-Observer. I am so fond of reading all of your athletic recounts. I appreciate your coverage before and after the tennis tournament.

Finally, thank you participants. You have made this activity a highlight of my year. It is so wonderful to catch up with each of you of how you are doing from year to year. I couldn’t be happier to spend a couple days with you each year sending you out to the courts to play old friends and meet new ones.

Patti Youngren


Former judge happy to pay safety fee The Dallas City Council has the opportunity now to enhance the livability of this city, and to better ensure the safety if its citizens. As a 40-year resident of Dallas, and current property owner in the city, I urge the council to adopt the funding recommendations from the chiefs of the police and fire departments and to fund two additional staff for each agency.

Anyone familiar with the facts knows that the Dallas police and fire departments are understaffed and that this creates safety problems to all people in the city. The City Council knows this, but simply didn’t have the resources available to make the needed increases to staffing.

Instead, they approved a request by the two chiefs to seek public input on an alternative method of funding for their personnel requests. Their proposal was for a modest fee on all water accounts. The total comes to about $4.95 a month to fund two personnel for each agency. That’s about 17 cents per day. There is good literature available that more fully explains why this is needed and how the money will be spent. I encourage all residents of Dallas to read the literature and contact the council and mayor and ask them to adopt this proposal.

Although I have retired and moved away, I will always love the city that gave me so much, and that supported me as your district attorney and circuit court judge for so many years. I still own my home in Dallas, so I will be proudly and happily paying this fee along with everyone else.

Encourage the council and mayor to support safety for the city of Dallas.

Fred Avera

Reno, Nevada

Reader doesn’t see benefit to expansion I have read the July 4 article, “Minet announces expansion plans,” three times and it is still open on my desk.

Let me get this straight: Community: Finance Corporation.. An Arizona 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, who is the only member of American Fiber Optic LLC, who is working with “La Paz County” (In Arizona) to construct and own a fiber optic network in the city of Dallas, Oregon. The article stated a revenue bond “not to exceed $23,500,000” would be used to build the network within the city of Dallas.

American Fiber Optics will construct and own the network and Minet will operate and manage the system. Dallas city manager Greg Ellis says he knows neither Dallas or Minet will incur any debt. He “guessed” the debt would belong to La Paz County and they would have a contract with American Fiber Optics to make the required payments. If you have a problem following that, so do I. But that is not all. Please read the article by Audrey Caro in July 4 edition.

Monmouth utility payers just got a 5 percent rate increase in part because of our ongoing payment of Minet’s debt from their operation in Monmouth. You might say the residents of Independence and Monmouth own Minet or at least own the company debt.

Harold E Pippin


Both drivers, pedestrians need to be aware Thank You I-O.

Recently you printed a notice to pedestrians pointing out safety issues in crossing streets. In the past, drivers have been careless about crosswalks. Now it seems that pedestrians are guilty of the same.

Both drivers and pedestrians need to be cautious and defensive as they approach intersections. Common courtesy needs to be shown by pedestrians as well as drivers. There are many distractions for both, especially during sun up and sun down. Pedestrians need to be aware that there are blind spots within the vehicle and the driver has to be aware of other vehicles also. Pedestrians also need to remember that phones are a deadly distraction for them as well as auto drivers.

Wearing dark clothes at night and dark days also pose a threat. More I-O reminders will be appreciated. Thank you for your service.

Stann R Lyman


Safety fee needed to increase response The Dallas police and fire departments may soon request the City Council to approve a modest fee to provide increased resources for public safety.

Why does this matter to you and me?

It matters tremendously. If you call for police or fire assistance, do you want to wait 10 or 15 minutes or longer because there are three or four calls ahead of yours? That is what we face, and sooner rather than later. Response times are too long now and getting longer.

When Dallas had 12,000 people, it had 19 police officers. The city is now approaching 16,000 people, population increase of fully one-third. And it presently has 19 police officers. The fire department’s situation is even worse. If we are to preserve the level of service that makes this a great place to live, we need to adapt to reality and keep pace.

Some may feel that it is irresponsible to ask for more money. The truth is that Dallas has one of the lowest tax rates anywhere in the valley, coupled with a constantly growing demand for service from first responders. Considering the growing risk to life, property and economic prosperity, not to act would be the definition of irresponsibility.

David Shein


Councilor concerns are valid Regarding the city of Monmouth city council meeting of June 19: A reputable, longterm resident and councilor of the city expressed concern over the administrative and operational direction of the Monmouth Police Department, and, by extension, the office of the city manager.

I believe the concern is valid, as do other longterm residents.

For the mayor’s actions as representing the people of Monmouth, to chastise the councilor’s concern, I find rude, arrogant and disrespectful, and totally out of place. Any apology due is from the mayor.

By his actions, in the upcoming mayoral election, I will again vote for his opponent.

Paul Sieber


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