Letters to the editor

Resident shares concerns

To our Dallas, Polk County and state of Oregon:

We the people in town keep hearing about our water and sewer need expanded so raise our taxes. How about charging the builders for the upgrades and let them tack it on the buyers?

Clow Corner and Highway 99 roundabout: The county tried for a light system for approximately $1.5 million, but the state said no and wants to spend $5.7 million for a roundabout because a light won’t work. Guess what, go down the highway to the south. The traffic light works there.

Four-way stop at Rickreall and Greenwood Road: I watch all day long as the cars, trucks and bicycles run the stop all day long. I’m not talking about a few, I’m talking about lots of vehicles. The county police department comes out once in a while for a few minutes, then leaves without issuing tickets. That doesn’t work. Someone will be killed there eventually. It’s on the police department.

Steve Weizel


Utility fee cheaper than insurance

I support the city proposal to add a Dallas Fire & EMS fee and Dallas police fee to our utility bills to fund additional staff for these two organizations. I attended the recent community forum concerning the fees and believe that staff made a good case for the need. The method proposed is probably the simplest, fairest and easiest to administer. Given the money I already pay out for other things I need to live a comfortable life, this seems like a minor insurance bill. At $5 per month for the two, it’s far less than my homeowners, auto or health insurance. It’s a small price to pay to keep Dallas the livable community it was when we came here more than 40 years ago. I don’t always agree with the actions of our city council, but this is one I support.

Dale Derouin


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