A note about election letters

We are grateful to serve a community who is active in expressing themselves publicly through letters to the editor.

We happily fill our editorial page with comments from you, our readers, about whatever is on your mind, from thanking organizations and people for a job well done to complaining about potholes to criticizing your local governments — or your local paper.

We are glad to see so many people already actively involved politically. When our residents take an interest in local governments, it can be a powerful tool for change. Your interest can be shown in the letters we’ve already received regarding the November election.

Candidates have until the end of August to apply for positions open in November. Because of that, we won’t be publishing any election-related letters until after Labor Day, the first Wednesday of September. We will gladly hold your letter about an election topic or candidate. Letters will be printed as they are received as space is available.

Remember election-related letters are limited to 100 words or less, and letter writers may write one election letter per election season.

Thank you, our readers, for taking the time to write us letters. We look forward to hearing more about what’s on your mind.

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