Police report for July 18

Police Report

Information for the police report comes from law enforcement agencies. Not all calls for service are included. The status of incidents reported may change after further investigation. Individuals arrested or suspected of crimes are considered innocent until proven guilty.



Loren Bradley Kowing, 43, of Dallas, in the 100 block of SW Court St. on July 5 on a charge of second-degree disorderly conduct and interfering with a police officer.

William Charles Miller, Sr., 40, of Dallas, in the 500 block of Main Street on July 8 on a probation violation warrant.

Anthony D. Godlove, 34, of Salem in the 300 block of NE Kings Valley Highway on Friday on third-degree theft.

Kelley L. Groling, 60, of Dallas in the 500 block of SW Levens St. on Friday on physical harassment.

Karly Ann Taylor Monson, 22, of Dallas in the 300 block of SE Walnut St. on Saturday on a restraining order violation.

Sarah L. Newton, 31, of Dallas in the 300 block of SW Academy St. on Sunday on unlawful delivery of marijuana (to minors).

Paul E. Bunyard, 64, of Dallas in the 200 block of SW Washington St. on Sunday on drinking in public.



Ryan Shawn Kirk, 27, of Salem near River Road and Riverside Drive S, on June 24 for DUII.

Brooke Chenelle Jackson, 40, of Independence, in the 300 block of S. Fourth Street on June 28 on charges of physical harassment, second-degree disorderly conduct and unlawful possession of methamphetamine.

Rusty Amos Arp, 34, of Monmouth, in the 200 block of Edwards Road on June 30 for felony driving while suspended/revoked and unlawful possession of methamphetamine.

Mark Richard Fendrick, 29, of Independence, in the 1400 block of Monmouth Street on July 1 for second-degree criminal mischief.

Juan Manuel Leos, Jr., 51, of Independence, in the 0-99 block of Dean Drive on July 4 on a charge of unlawful possession of methamphetamine.

Kenneth Ray Stepp, 40, of Salem, near S. Main and G Streets on July 5 on charges of parole violation and giving false information to a peace officer.

Eric Daniel Orozco, 18, of Monmouth, near Monmouth Independence Highway and Price Lane E. on July 6 on charges of unlawful possession of cocaine, unlawful delivery of cocaine, unlawful possession of marijuana, under 21 years old and unlawful delivery of marijuana.

Juan Manuel Leos, 51, of Independence, at 10 Deann Dr. on July 11 on a charge of prohibited acts in parks, camping.

Robert Dean Lawrence, 53, of Independence in the 100 block of S. Ninth Street on July 12 on a charge of first-degree criminal mischief.

Cary Edson Rotan, 57, of Independence, in the 700 block of F Street on July 16 was arrested on a charge of restraining order violation.



Cory Lake Bailey, 56, of Dallas in the 500 block of Warrant Street on June 3 for failure to register as a sex offender.

Steven John Malcom, 24, of Monmouth, in the 500 block of Warren Street, on June 21 on charges of second-degree bicycle theft, two counts of receiving stolen property,

Stephen Jay Knifton, 28, of Salem, in the 900 block of Church Street on June 25 on a charge of violation of no-contact order/release agreement.

Brian Michael Thomas, of Monmouth, in the 400 block of Pacific Highway N. on June 29 cited for dogs at large.

Paul Allan Pimentel, 51, of Monmouth, in the 300 block of Knox Street N on July 2 on a charge of unlawful possession of methamphetamine.

Mike H Desirey, II, 33, of Monmouth, in the 1400 block of Bentley Street E on July 5 cited for a charge of dog at large.

Kim Howard Batchelor, 66, of Salem, near Warrant Street S and Gwinn Street E on July 7 on a charge of DUII.

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