100 Beds in 100 Days

Twenty beds down, 80 more to go

POLK COUNTY — With 12 beds donated so far, and another $610 in financial donations made — which can buy about eight more beds — the Polk County Resource Center is on its way to making the goal of receiving 100 beds by Aug. 31.

The PCRC has a furniture warehouse that is filled with donated household items such as dishes, couches, dressers and other items — one thing missing is beds.

“We don’t have beds because we only take new ones — and they’re an expensive item,” said Loren Depping, family resource navigator at Polk County Family and Community Outreach.

That’s something the PCRC is hoping to change through this summer’s 100 Beds in 100 Days campaign.

“To see kids sleeping on the floor, we never want to do that again,” said Brent DeMoe, director of Polk County Family and Community Outreach, “which is why we volunteered to try this and see if the community wanted to step up. So far, they have.”

In a year, the PCRC sees about 3,500 people, many seeking housing resources and lack the start-up furniture needed to establish a home. Beds are the most frequently sought-after item, and also the one item the resource lacks on a regular basis.

Depping said around the time that school starts is when the center sees the most amount of people asking about beds, which is where the goal of Aug. 31 comes into play. Already, the beds that have been donated are spoken for, said Amber Hoffman, director of resource navigators. To donate, send cash or a check to Polk County Service Integration; shop online and have mattresses shipped directly to the resource center, 182 SW Academy St., Ste. 220, Dallas, OR 97338; or buy a new mattress through your business and have it delivered.

One hundred beds “would probably help take care of families for at least six months,” DeMoe said.

For more information: Loren Depping, 503-623-9664.

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