Letters to the editor

Safety fee just the start

What fee is next for the city to impose on the residents of Dallas?

When does a fee for police and fire have anything to do with adding a fee on our water bill? What’s next?

Ferrell True


I-O delights reader with local coverage

I live in Monmouth and have been a customer of this newspaper for many years. Friends have ceased to subscribe as they failed to see Monmouth/Independence local news and had no interest in news of the Dallas community. I likewise have considered discontinuing my subscription but keep holding out hope that I might find some news of my community. And I always enjoyed my friend Patty Dutcher’s column.

So when I turned to the cover page of the July 4 newspaper, it came as a surprise when I saw three out of four cover articles about happenings in this community. I turned the page and – more.

Monmouth Council raises rates; Applebox Theater presents Jungle Book — with colored pictures. And then more.

Then my brain said: “I bet the I-O is adding a Monmouth/Independence edition separate from the Dallas news.”

So I turned to the front page. But nothing stated that this was a special edition about Monmouth and Independence only.

So I want to thank the I-O for fooling me into thinking that this was the Monmouth/Independence edition. And for finally making me feel that it is worth the bucks to wait it out for stories about my community.

Oh, and did I mention that sports had a wonderful article explaining why Monmouth has orange bicycles everywhere. And another article on the NFL camp at WOU. And registration info for the Fourth of July Mini-Marathon.

And then one more closing story on the back page: Happiness in a Cup.

As a citizen, it was most interesting to learn about Bugles, the coffee stand on Highway 99. What a wonderful story about the business and the philosophy of the owner.

Thank you, Itemizer-Observer. My years of not-so-patient waiting finally paid off. I just hope it happens again sooner than later.

Susanna Knight


ODVA can help if you were exposed

If you, a friend or a loved one served in the military service in South Korea between the years 1964 and 1981 you may have been exposed to toxic herbicides such as Agent Orange, Agent Blue, Agent White or Moruron.

These chemicals were used to clear field of fire, LP/OP’s, roadsides, artillery firing sites, and even used on dirt roads for dust control.

The vast majority of use was along the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), but plenty of the material has migrated to other more southern areas of the country. There is a long and deadly list of diseases that are linked by medical authority in the Department of Veterans Affairs, to these defoliants.

Those who served in Korea during the above period need to get in touch with the DVA and ask to be put on the DVA Agent Orange Registry. Not every person will be added but you will be evaluated for the list. I recommend you contact the county veterans service officer, one of the veterans assistance agencies such as the VFW, DAV, American Legion, etc.

If your assistance agency representative does not know that these herbicides were used in Korea then find a different one because this is complicated. You also could use the Oregon State Department of Veterans Affairs.

Do this now. Do not wait. Thousands of Korean War veterans have died not knowing why and not knowing that the DVA would have helped them. We in Oregon are lucky because I believe we have one of the most caring and capable DVA Health Care Centers in the U.S. You will help other veterans besides yourself.

Fred Brown


Longtime doctor retires from practice

The time has come that I am announcing my retirement from our medical practice (yours and mine). It seems like yesterday, or maybe last night, that we opened the office. That was Dec. 31, 1982. After 35 years and hundreds of babies, I am sad to be leaving the many families that I feel a part of.

June 14 was my 68th birthday. Though I feel as young and enthusiastic as I did when I started, I and my lovely wife, Mary Ellen, and our two children have many other things to do that full-time practice precludes.

I leave you in the hands of our outstanding staff and my medical colleagues. Our front office staff has been with us for many years. Our medical assistants are community members, most we have also known for many years. Together they form a cohesive team whose first priority is your welfare. My provider colleagues, Mary Placek MD, Shelly Wimmer PA-C and Jeremy Waldie PA-C are the finest of compassionate and competent practitioners. I’m also pleased to announce that Dr. Terrell Glenn will join our clinic this fall. Dr. Glenn is eager to meet everyone and to continue the care and compassion in treating our local community. I would be proud to have these folks as my caregivers and indeed members of my family will continue their care at this office.

I hope to see you all at our retirement celebration on Aug. 18 at noon. The party will be held at WVP Independence Monmouth, 1430 Monmouth St., Independence, with additional parking at Central High School. Bring your family and your appetites. Food provided by Black Sheep Catering. Wines by Redgate. Beers by Santiam Brewing.

Perhaps you think you might miss me. But I can assure you that I will miss you more.

Keith White, MD


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