Letter to the editor

Resident grateful for new life

A big shout out to emergency responders in Dallas on Easter Sunday this year. At the conclusion of the Church service, I stepped out of the pew and my heart stopped. As you might imagine, I don’t remember this shocking event (pun intended). A nurse in attendance determined that I was not breathing and had no pulse, so someone called 911.

I’m proud to say, our first responders were the police, then the fire department and paramedics respectively. First response was in four and a half minutes and eight responders performed CPR on me in succession — then came the AED device. Because I had no heartbeat and flat-lined on the first run, I was shocked twice and, Praise The Lord, I’m hear to repeat the story and sing Praises to our Dallas team. Way to go.

I was just reading “USA Snapshots” in the S.J. which confirms that “CPR especially — in the first few minutes — can triple a person’s chance of survival.” And guess what? I’m back to work three months to the day at Dallas Retirement Village. This is a good week, and I thank every responder present that day for New Life, literally.

Virginia English


Evans helped ease reader’s concerns

On May 29, Salem residents received very confusing sets of emergency text messages. Few people knew what was going on.

I am relieved to say that Rep. Paul Evans immediately found out what was happening and posted relevant information on social media. This helped decrease anxiety and panic. He also initiated action to prevent this confusion from reoccurring.

Paul has the leadership experience necessary to make sure people in Oregon receive services and assistance immediately. He previously advised former governor Ted Kulongoski on emergency affairs and was responsible for helping many communities in times of need. He can get results.

Michael Willis


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