Letters to the editor

Dallas needs to recall ‘rogues’

Great article about the city of Dallas being sued for how it really does its business. Wouldn’t you like to hold the councilors upside-down and shake them to see what falls out of their pockets?

I’m guessing money from developers and contractors that should be going to our schools, roads and police. Soon we all will be overcrowded, overburdened and unsafe, then, after we settle this suit, about a million bucks in the hole.

Let’s thank this rogues’ gallery of “civic leaders” with a recall election, find some honest folk who put the community first, not personal profits.

Mike Neufeld


‘Fill the bus’ collects 2,960 pounds

Thank you to the community for your continued support with our annual “Fill the Bus” event. We collected 2,960 pounds of dry goods and over $100 for our local food bank, Ella Curran. Ella Curran was so excited to see such amazing results. The time invested really paid off. The community will benefit from the efforts of so many wonderful people.

Thank you to Dallas School District for accepting our Food Drive Challenge. Your participation was so exciting, we look forward to you joining us next year.

Thank you to all people who participated in this event.

Bi-Mart has continuously opened their facility for this cause.

The Monmouth Police Department raffled off six children’s bicycles, gave away helmets, and passed out road safety information.

The Mid Valley Bike club gave away over 50 bike helmets to children and adults.

Troop 38 Boy Scouts were there to help, especially with clean up, loading and unloading. They also provided us with signs for advertisement.

Marr Brothers let us use their scales so we could weigh our bus before and after the event, giving us our totals.

Mungo Signs in Monmouth has been so generous with their donation and support for the past few years.

Independence Police Department deserves a shout out for participating.

We can’t forget all the people from the Transportation Department, as well as their families, who donated their time and efforts to help this community.

Thank you.

Steve Milligan


Nuclear winter would compound problems

Please, no more Hiroshimas or Nagasakis.

No world leader seems to desire winning the Nobel Peace Prize. My criteria: the leader must reject all nuclear weapon technology and dismantle all owned weapons.

A major nuclear war would kill uncountable millions of people. Also, it would make our beloved Earth unlivable.

The ensuing nuclear winter would compound all our problems. Earth is already in its sixth greatest and perhaps final extinction of all life due to global warming and many human abuses.

Walden Joura


ODOT lacks common sense in decision

My husband and I have an expression we use far too often in light of this country’s divided population and government.

That expression is “hope springs eternal,” meaning that we hope unity and common-sense government will reappear in America.

Some time ago I wrote the I-O regarding the ill-considered decision to put a roundabout rather than a light at Clow Corner, as did other writers.

Seems like ODOT, in its continued lack of common sense and fiscal responsibility, insists the roundabout is the better choice even though money had already been spent preparing this intersection for a light. Even more egregious, ODOT will spend $6.7 million in taxpayer money rather than the $1.5 million already approved for the light.

Is anyone else in Oregon sick to death of the state spending our hard-earned dollars as if it was paper money?

I’m talking to you ODOT Director Matt Garrett, you with your bloated salary and cushy retirement.

Kudos to Polk County commissioner Craig Pope for at least trying to talk sense to a person that clearly has none.

Hope springs.

Lynne Bowen


New equipment at Gala fun for all

The week I saw the new (very tall) triangular rope climbing gear at the Gala Park (corner of Southeast Uglow and Southeast Hankel), I was looking forward to seeing kids have fun on it. I think it was the following Sunday (after seeing it completed) that I saw three boys at various heights. Interestingly, I saw a gray-haired gentleman a little over one-third of the way up, and he looked like he was smiling as he was climbing.

A few days later, I saw a woman climbing (not sure of her age, but the woman who was watching her had white hair). So not only children, but “Kids at Heart” can have fun on the new equipment. (Hope everyone stays safe while climbing.) Good work, Parks and Recreation Department of Dallas.

Barb Chrisman


Turf fundraising completed

I am excited to say that the Dallas High School Turf Project is underway. We have secured funding to complete the project and have begun the first phase of construction.

This year-long endeavor has truly been a community effort. All funding has come from businesses, individuals, grants and in-kind donors from Dallas and surrounding areas. I was born and raised in Dallas, and I can say without hesitation that collective efforts such as this are what make our town special. It is both humbling and heartwarming to experience this level of support.

I hope you will stop by the field this summer and watch our progress. By the time we host our first home football game in the fall, we will have a beautiful new field for our entire community to enjoy.

I can’t possibly list everyone who has contributed to this project in this space, but I want you to know how deeply grateful we are. On behalf of the Dallas Booster Club board, thank you. Thank you for your support, your generosity, your hard work and your belief in this project.

Stephanie Earhart

Dallas Booster Club President


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