Parent, teacher grateful for Dallas staff

First and foremost, as a parent of an employee, a new graduate, and a current teen enrolled in the Dallas School District, I would like to thank the educators and administrators who provided opportunities for my kids to succeed in the classroom and beyond. I am grateful for staff who cared about more than the academic achievements; they encouraged and uplifted my children. I am grateful.

Secondly, as a teacher at LaCreole, I would like to thank not only my teaching peers, wonderful students, and supportive parents, but also those members of the community who stepped up multiple times as guest speakers for my wheel classes. My sincere gratitude to Joe Lawless, Paul and Katie Fode and other members of the Dallas/Monmouth Dutch Bros crew as well as Jake Frazier of Domino’s who were generous beyond their exceptional advice for first job success; Derek Johnston and others from our local Wells Fargo Branch who offered financial and budgeting strategies, and Beth Freelander and Rebecca Knight through Polk County Family Outreach who shared valuable insight for my seventh grade wellness class regarding health and addictions. Finally, my news and journalism class especially would like to thank Mike Lowery of Focal Point for his assistance in obtaining a camera dedicated to our yearbook, newspaper, and broadcast news.

When adults selflessly dedicate time and resources to serve and communicate with our youth, the rewards and ramifications for our future are great. Our kids are watching and your example is meaningful. Thank you.

Michele Schilling


Exploratory Teacher

LaCreole Middle School

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