Happy Fourth of July

It’s that time of year again, where we come out as a community and celebrate our nation’s birthday, Independence Day.

Each of our communities will celebrate, starting with Western Days on Sunday and ending with Falls City’s parade and barbecue on July 7.

Tens of thousands of visitors will come to Monmouth, Independence, Dallas and Falls City to watch fireworks, watermelon-eating contests, movies, hear live music, play games, view artwork, and line up for the parade. While they’re here, they’ll likely visit one or two of our wonderful local restaurants and find just the right gift at a local vendor.

These large-scale celebrations don’t happen overnight, and they don’t happen without the countless hours of volunteer support. Many people work year-round on planning the scheduling of these events and recruiting more volunteers to work on the days of the festival. Permits need to be obtained, bands need to be booked (and paid), fireworks need to be ordered.

On top of that, each year we are pleased to see the combined efforts of our local law enforcement agencies to keep our communities safe. It is common to see officers from Dallas, Monmouth, Independence and deputies from Polk County Sheriff’s Office all manning corners throughout the nearly 3 miles of the Monmouth-Independence Rotary Grand Parade, as well as many volunteers with high visibility vests that read “CERT” — members of our Community Emergency Readiness Team.

During the Fourth of July, it doesn’t matter which agency you work for, it seems all our agencies show collaboration to keep our communities safe.

While you’re looking through the schedule in our Fourth of July special section (inside), remember to schedule yourself as a designated driver. Make it easier on our law enforcement and make sure everyone has a safe weekend by not getting behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking.

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