AR-15 not good raffle choice

I want to add my voice to the conversation about the raffle of an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle by Lady Dragon’s softball club. This appears to be the weapon of choice for mass shootings as witnessed to by the tragedy in Park-land, Florida. Our sheriff on KOIN TV news, on Feb. 26, seemed to justify this raffle by saying this is a rural com-munity where hunting is a part of our way of life, implying that the AR-15 is a hunting rifle and any objection to the raffle is an attempt to destroy a cherished way of life. No true sportsman needs a semi-automatic weapon with a high capacity clip to bag their prey. Had this raffle been for a hunting rifle, there would have been much less criticism.

70 percent of Americans support reasonable legislation limiting access to weapons such as the AR-15. This does not mean we support eliminating private gun ownership. In this, the NRA’s slippery slope argument is simply wrong. Choosing such a weapon as the prize in a raffle for a youth sports club shows very poor judgment.

David Hampton



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