Ashamed of rifle fundraiser

I am ashamed that my hometown is now being associated with the disgraceful act of making a weapon of war — AR-15 — available for public acquisition through a fundraiser for a youth sports program — Lady Dragons fast-pitch softball program for girls up to 16 years of age.

I am ashamed that this program’s board members would put fundraising above a potential public safety issue. In view of the recent murders of many school-age youth by someone using this kind of weapon, it appears to me to be insensitive, totally inappropriate and disgraceful that these board members would offer to raffle off a weapon of war to the public to benefit a Dallas community youth program. This AR-15 is not a weapon for hunting or target practice. It is manufactured for use in killing many lives in a brief period of time. I cannot understand how putting this weapon in the hands of who-knows-what kind of person in my community be justified.

I am ashamed that, unfortunately, the name of Dallas, Oregon, is now associated with this unconscionable decision.

Norm Silvey



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