Grocery Outlet expects to open in late 2018

Grocery Outlet plans to be open near the end of this year.

Courtesy of the City of Dallas
Grocery Outlet plans to be open near the end of this year.

DALLAS — The Dallas Planning Commission on Feb. 27 gave the official OK for Grocery Outlet to build a location in Dallas.

The commission approved plans on a 6-0 vote, said Dallas Planning Manager Scott Whyte.

The new store will be in Jasper Crossing off West Ellendale Avenue near the Dallas Retirement Village.

The design site review went before the commission because it contained variances to standards regarding the location of the store relative to the street, windows and parking, and needed approval.

Grocery Outlet submitted an application explaining the need for those variances, which were included in a staff report to the commission presented on Feb. 27.

“The Planning Commission may approve such adjustments only upon finding it equally or better meets the purpose and intent of the code provision that is to be adjusted,” the report read.

Building orientation standards require buildings to have at least one primary entrance facing an adjoining street and the entrance be no farther from the street sidewalk than 10 feet, the report said.

The purpose behind that standard is to promote pedestrian friendly developments. Exceptions to this standard must have “pedestrian amenities” — in this case a walkway and plaza — to connect the entrance to the sidewalk. The application has the store’s entrance located 240 feet from the street.

“Because of the dimensions of the site and the nature of the proposed use, it is difficult for such design standards to comply with the maximum 10-foot setback in concert with other code standards, including driveway spacing, truck loading, vehicle circulation and buffering to adjacent residential uses,” the staff report explained.

The commission approved that variance, along with exceptions to standards regarding side and back windows and conducting a parking demand analysis.

Plans include an approximately 18,000-square-foot store and landscape design for the approximately 80-stall parking lot.

Whyte said parking lot design was included because the city requires paved parking lots to have “landscape islands” to break up the aisles of stalls.

With plan approval, the next step before groundbreaking is for Grocery Outlet to apply for a building permit. Grocery Outlet has one year to apply for a building permit, per the commission’s approval.

Interim City Manager Greg Ellis said representatives of Grocery Outlet said at the Feb. 27 hearing that the goal was to comply much sooner than that, and have the store open near the end of the year.

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