Moda Assist says once daily

An incredible opportunity has been presented to the city of Dallas, along with the cities of Redmond and Gresham, to receive about $20,000 for all-abilities playground equipment. The park slated to receive the gift — if Dallas wins the votes — is Roger Jordan Community Park.

The Polk County Itemizer-Observer has been active in reminding people to vote — and the community has not been short on response.

The story has been shared and reshared at least daily on multiple Facebook pages, Snap Chat accounts, Twitter and through other social media, as well as the more old-fashioned approach of email.

The response has been massive. Residents throughout Polk County — and into Salem and Keizer — have shown support for Dallas and its potential to receive a park that would accommodate people of all abilities, all skill levels, all ages.

Along the way, residents questioned if it was OK to vote more than once each day — with a note on the voting site, it seemed as though a city could lose the “election” if cheating was suspected. No one wants to cheat, but everyone wants to win.

Tuesday, the Itemizer-Observer received a note from Karis Stoudamire-Phillips, the corporate social responsibility manager at Moda Health. She said some changes have been made to the Moda Assist Program voting site.

“The intent was to limit the voting to one vote per day, per person,” Stoudamire-Phillips said in the email. “But it’s clear that community enthusiasm has taken over, and people have found creative ways to vote early and vote often for their favorite parks. We want to continue encouraging the engagement we’ve seen so far, while also keeping things fair for all three communities.”

In that spirit, Moda Health and the Portland Trail Blazers have reviewed the voting data from Feb. 19 through Monday, and removed duplicate votes submitted by the same persons within the same day. The voting will be updated once a day at 7 p.m., as soon as votes have been tallied and duplicates removed.

At press time, Dallas was ahead with 21,739 votes. Gresham’s park had garnered 1,660 votes; and Redmond had 20,310 votes.

Do not let this new development discourage you. Rather, take it as a blessing to remember to vote once a day, and not try to log into every device to get all your votes. The voting had reached the 60,000s. Now a fairer count has been established — and we’re still in the lead. Have you voted today?

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