Ends do not justify the means

Apparently Machiavelli, ”the ends justify the means,” is alive and well and serving as the head of the Dallas City Council.

According to Micky Garus, “the raffle (of a weapon of war) exceeded all expectations” (Itemizer-Observer, March 7). In other words, because it was successful, it was justified. There is no reasonable justification for raffling an AR-15 rifle to benefit a sports team of young girls. Please remember to vote your conscience next time Mr. Garus is up for a vote to keep his position.

Just because you can do something does not mean you should. Tying this sports group to this raffle is appalling. Every adult who agreed to this decision should be ashamed. I have a granddaughter that plays softball (a younger group) and I will counsel my kids not to allow her to join the Lady Dragons Fastpitch Club. I certainly don’t want her influenced by the tone-deaf thinking of its leaders.

Additionally, the Dallas School District can protest all they want that they are not involved in this fiasco; however, if this group is allowed to use the Dragon (DHS mascot) logo and facilities of DHS, they are most definitely complicit.

Lynne Bowen


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