Some suffer during walkout

I have a question regarding our students through Dallas School District and our tax dollars regarding the March, 14. 2018 Nationwide School Walkout.

I’m wondering why my little brother has been disturbed during class because he was wearing his Second Amendment sweater. If kids are allowed to protest against guns, why is it my little brother is not allowed to advocate and express his right to bear arms?

Our right to peaceful protest should go both ways. A huge walk out is a hell of a lot more disruptive then an article of clothing.

Dallas School District is “all about” equality, why not in this department?

Also as working Americans our tax dollars go to the teachers teaching and protecting these students during school hours while not in responsibility of their guardian. Why is it that they were not only promoting students to skip out on school for a protest but joining and encouraging other students to do so? Are these teachers who walked out getting docked pay for the time they missed? Are the students getting unexcused absences, just like any other student would if they decided to do a “walk out” protest on a different matter?

There were other ways to peacefully protest that would have been a lot more appropriate than the walkout.

I am advocating for our students that were left unsupervised, for our students that go to school to learn and for our, as Americans, rights and tax dollars.

I know many have tried contacting the school about this and I’m not sure if any have received an explanation. Please explain yourself Dallas School District.

Brie Amsberry


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