Join together for homeless vets

We recently had the privilege of attending a very informational meeting concerning the homeless veterans here in Dallas.

the Dallas United Methodist Church, along with Polk County Family and Community Outreach, is in the process of developing a plan that would provide temporary housing for up to eight men and connect them with job placement, health insurance, and any other needs they may have. All applicants would be required to pass a background check to ensure no one with sex-related charges or criminal history would be part of this plan.

What a wonderful opportunity we have as citizens living here in Dallas to reach out to some of our very deserving veterans by supporting this program any way we can. We live in a free country because our veterans fought for each one of us. So many of us enjoy daily benefits, such as a roof over our heads and food on our tables. These are just a couple of things some of our veterans can only hope for, so together let’s join hearts and hands to support our very deserving veterans.

Dan and Juanita Daniel


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