Letters to the editor

All hands welcome for cleanup

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the Independence-Monmouth community on a personal basis as a Western Oregon University student.

Independence-Monmouth residents are already committed to creating a uniquely tight-knit community focused upon fostering strong, neighborly relationships.

Whether coming together for Fourth of July picnics at Riverview Park, lining Main Street for parades, or simply enjoying all the local shops and businesses that visitors can find downtown, Independence-Monmouth must have beautiful, clean spaces for neighbors to meet and gather for years to come.

That is why I am uniquely proud to be part of an effort to help organize this year’s Independence-Monmouth Community Clean-Up. We encourage Independence-Monmouth residents to come together and promote clean-up efforts around our community.

Residents will have the opportunity to either volunteer or bring junk to be sorted and safely disposed of.

Our community clean-up starts at 9 a.m. on May 19. Volunteers will help beautify the Independence-Monmouth community through various clean-up efforts, including trash pickup. We welcome volunteers from all around Independence and Monmouth, whether students or families.

I urge readers to come and support our community. A strong community begins with neighbors coming together to support the spaces they live and gather within.

Byron Kimball

Western Oregon University


Bledsoe will help sick, elderly

I’m so glad to see Kris Bledsoe running for representative from District 23. I think she will look out for the sick and elderly.

The present office-holder is weak, waffling and undependable in fighting for people’s rights against greedy individuals that are victimizing the sick and elderly. He’s no where near a man.

Bertran Copp


Pope is proven leader in Polk

Craig Pope has been serving as our Polk County Commissioner for seven years.

Craig does not hesitate to step up for us both at the State and Federal level.

He has been a resident of Polk County for 61 years and has raised his family here.

Like you, Craig cares about the quality of life in Polk County; our communities, farms and forests, our water and our air. My vote goes to a proven, hard-working leader who allocates your tax dollars wisely. Accept no substitutes.

Please join me in voting to keep Craig Pope as our County Commissioner.

Tim Wheeler


Save beloved courthouse

Please support bond measure 27-127 and save our Courthouse.

My cousin came to town last week, and the first thing she said was she loved our beautiful courthouse. This should be reason enough to vote yes on this bond.

I remember an Easter egg hunt on the lawn and laying on the cool grass in the summer evenings, while the Dallas band played from the old bandstand. I still feel humbled each time I go inside the Courthouse.

Please vote yes. It is only 11 cents per $1,000 to save the Courthouse from crumbling until it is beyond repair.

Sue Rohde


Reduce use of plastics

I have noticed that there has been much correspondence regarding recycling in Polk County. I, for one, was glad to see the proper ways to recycle some of the things that are going into landfills by the ton every day.

I have recycled since Oregon started the Bottle Bill about 40 years ago, and I have always been very proud of our state for the efforts made to recycle.

I have been guilty of “improperly” recycling things that should have gone in the trash.

Yes, it means more things will be going into landfills that could perhaps find a better solution.

One of my chief concerns is the plastic that faces the consumer each day. Plastic bags for our purchases, containers for storage, trash bags — the list goes on forever with the fact that these plastics are also around forever. What is the answer to the plastic crisis that faces us? If we bury it, plastic doesn’t decompose. Burn it and the fumes are toxic.

What to do?

The only answer I can think of is stop using plastic, or at least cut down on our usage.

I would like to recommend a documentary, “The Plastic Ocean,” available at the public libraries for checkout. I was saddened as I saw the outcome of the disposal of plastics in our oceans and landfills, and what some of the results were because of it.

Looking back, say, 50 years ago, our country survived without plastic wrappers and bags. I believe today, with all the advanced technology, we should better that statistic, don’t you?

This is our Earth, and I am more than willing to do my share to help keep it cleaner than I found it when I leave.

I think our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren would appreciate our efforts.

Deb Darr

Falls City

Courthouse in need of yes vote

Vote yes to restore our Polk County Courthouse.

In spite of how tired we all are for getting hit up for more contributions — more directions for our hard-earned money to go — I am convinced that we should vote yes on the County Courthouse Bond Measure 27-127.

Our Historic Courthouse on the Square is the focal point of our Dallas and Polk County.

It is badly in need of restoration and refurbishment inside and out.

This bond will accomplish this mission and make up for years of decline.

Vote yes for the Courthouse.

Ken Jacroux


Vote yes; leave legacy

I am writing in support of bond measure 27-127.

Our courthouse complex is in great need of improvements. It has long been a source of beauty and pride in our wonderful downtown district. It is our responsibility and privilege to maintain this historic landmark and not allow it to fall into ruin.

Please vote yes on 27-127. Let’s leave a good legacy for the generations to come by restoring and beautifying the wonderful historical courthouse that past generations left to us.

Mark Sturtevant


Bond request insult to taxpayers

The misguided efforts of the Polk County Board of Commissioners to fly a bond measure associated with the personal interests of a few local old-timers, who would urge voters to fund the restoration and upgrading of the Historic Polk County Courthouse is an insult to the property taxpayers of Polk County.

This crumbling, outdated, unsafe and expensive-to-maintain dinosaur has reached its inevitable end. Any additional funds spent on this white elephant should be used only to vacate and secure it, with a minimum of maintenance expenditure.

Vote no on Measure 27-127.

Roger Stilipec


‘Just’ adds up quickly

One issue this election is “just” 10 or 19 cents per $1,000 assessed value. For those 60ish percent who can’t own property, there are “just” 16 other entities that want a piece of my property-tax pie.

“Ours is ‘just’ a small piece.” “Its ‘just’ a renewal, so you won’t notice.”

A disproportionate burden is placed upon homeowners each year with “just” a little increase.

This must be why Oregon has a program to help first-time buyers ($20,000) and homeowners facing foreclosure — up to $40,000. Oregon’s property-tax pie is crumbling because it’s “just” not fair.

Nannette Willis


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