Dallas kid feels love from garbage man

William Mullins sits with his mom, Jennifer Mullins, on Monday in their front yard as they wait for the garbage man to arrive.

Photo by Jolene Guzman
William Mullins sits with his mom, Jennifer Mullins, on Monday in their front yard as they wait for the garbage man to arrive.

DALLAS — William Mullins has his collection of toy garbage trucks lined up in his front yard in Dallas.

His mom, Jennifer Mullins, sister Madilynn Mullins and grandma Eva Mayfield all sit in the front yard with him for the Monday morning ritual at the Mullins household: Wait for the Republic Services truck to show up.


William plays with one of his trucks on Monday at his home in Dallas

William, 4, has been fascinated with the trucks since he was 1, wanting to watch them lift the plastic cans. Soon, he wanted to sit outside to wait for the truck and its driver Kevin Friesen. He and Jennifer give the drivers Gatorade, and William peppers them with questions.

Last week, Kevin added a new garbage truck to William’s collection, a shiny blue miniature of one of the Republic Services trucks. It lights up and rumbles like the real thing.

The special delivery was a highlight for William, who can’t stop talking about garbage trucks and other large machinery.

“I like how it grabs the cans,” he said.

Big sister Madilynn, 12, may be responsible for his hobby. She introduced him to the cartoon “Blaze and the Monster Machines,” a show all about monster trucks. She had no idea it would become his new obsession.

“He’s very interested in garbage trucks,” she said.

Jennifer Mullins said she was surprised by the kindness Friesen and other drivers show her son.

“I thought that was amazing that they cared enough that he cared about seeing them that they got him a garbage truck.”

Mayfield added: “I thought it was so nice to take the time to talk to him while they are emptying the garbage.”

Vehicles of any sort seem are of interest to William. He’s a few years away from a driver’s license, but that didn’t stop him from assisting his grandma as she backed out of the driveway.

“Go back, go back,” William said directing Mayfield as she pulled into the street. “A little bit more.”

She stopped and gave him a thumbs-up, but William wasn’t done giving instructions.

“Now go forward,” he said. “Straighten your wheels. Go forward.”

As Mayfield drove away, William turned around and said: “I was helping her back up.”

Monday Friesen didn’t make it around to the house before the family had to leave, but William watched and listened with excitement as the truck drove through his neighborhood.

“Oh, I see it,” Williams said, his eyes getting bigger, as the truck stopped on a nearby street.

“I love the hydraulics,” he said. “I love how the trash slides out.”

While they missed each other this week, no doubt William will be waiting for Friesen Monday.

“He has a new question every week,” Jennifer Mullins said.

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