Letters to the editor

Pay now or pay more later

Vote yes on Polk County Bond Measure 27-127; save our courthouse. Please join Lori and I in supporting this important bond measure to preserve the courthouse. This is a cultural treasure and the administrative and judicial hub of our county. Not restoring it today will only increase the cost tomorrow

Please remember to vote yes on bond measure 27-127. Save our Courthouse and preserve our heritage.

Bob and Lori Brannigan


Ainsworth: honest, practical, positive

I am writing to express my support for Mike Ainsworth’s campaign for re-election as Polk County Commissioner and my intention to vote for him and to spread the word about the value of his policies and abilities.

Over these past six years, we have observed his honest, practical, positive insight into our community’s problems/needs. His willingness to examine issues and listen closely to questions and concerns sets him apart from other candidates.

Mike and his wife DeAnn have served long hours as volunteers, and contributed to school events, nonprofit organizations and their church.

Please join me in supporting Mike.

Susan R. Miller


Candidate grateful for chamber forum

I would like to offer a big thank you to The Dallas Chamber of Commerce. The organization hosted a candidate forum on May 3. It included the three candidates for State House of Representatives, HD23, and the candidates for Polk County commissioner.

As I have campaigned for HD23 no other entity has provided us with an open forum to answer questions about our views and goals. Forums like this are instrumental in the election process. It is important for voters and candidates to be able to have the opportunity to learn about each other. The candidate learns about the important issues facing the community and the audience gets a chance to hear the candidates’ responses.

I also enjoyed having the opportunity to learn about the county commissioner candidates. I hope to be working with the commissioners in the future. It is great to have a chance to hear each of them speak about what is important to them.

Thanks again to the chamber. And, please return your ballot for the primary before May 15.

Kris Morse Bledsoe

Candidate for Oregon State House of Representative HD23

Chaos continues in White House

After saying for months he knew nothing about the payment to Stormy Daniels, now Giuliani says Trump was aware of it. Trump also previously said he would meet with special council, now he’s back-stepping that meeting. The special council, like all things, is a witch hunt. He wants to be treated fairly but is he treating America fairly?

What president fires his secretary of state with a tweet? Another cabinet member bites the dust. How many years does Trump need to form a cabinet? But from the looks of things, he should start with a clean slate. The heads of Health and Welfare, Treasury, EPA, VA and Interior feel it’s OK to use our tax dollars for trips to see the eclipse, trips to Europe, and private phone booths. But then the fact his nominee for the new head of the VA, who had no leadership experience, had to withdraw due to accusations of drunk driving and such. Let’s not forget Hope Hicks who admitted telling “white lies” on behalf of the president.

Sarah Sanders says “people coming and going is not abnormal.” So why have more people left the Trump administration than the previous five combined.

Trump has accused Amazon of not paying taxes, regardless of they fact they paid 957 million in 2017. What did Trump pay?

Is Pence any better? Why would he sit right in front of the sister of Kim Jong Un, but doesn’t have the decency to even speak to her. It’s nice to see he’s doing his part to improve relations with North Korea.

It’s like the Carol Burnett segment — “As The Stomach Turns.”

Clifford Brown


Pope improves highway safety

I would like to call your attention to the re-election bid of Craig Pope for Polk County commissioner. I have known ad worked with Mr. Pope for over 40 years, both on various public boards and as business owners.

Pope has worked for over seven years to secure O&C timber funding for Polk County.

He has represented Polk County on regional transportation projects to improve vehicle safety and ride quality on highways 99W, 51 and 22.

Please join me in voting for Craig Pope for Polk County commissioner.

Michael and Carol Brown


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