Readers asked: What's the sheriff doing?

Camera on Highway 99W and Clow Corner prompt calls

POLK COUNTY -- Readers called the Itemizer-Observer asking about the Polk County Sheriff's Department camera at the corner of Highway 99W and Clow Corner. What is the sheriff looking for?

Sheriff Mark Garton replied to the I-O that the machine has a camera feed to look at traffic patterns. Polk County Public Works employees hope that these patterns can provide information to prove or disprove the need for a roundabout.

"This isn't really a law enforcement function," Garton said. "They're looking for certain traffic patterns."

With the Department of Transportation wanting to install a roundabout at that intersection, and many Polk County residents opposed to such a traffic-control device, public works hopes a study of the traffic patterns may help.

"We're collecting data for public works," Garton said. "We're not even actually watching it -- they have the feed to watch it. We just happen to have the machine to do it."

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