Dallas applies for assistance

DALLAS — The Dallas School District will ask for assistance from the Oregon School Boards Association to pay legal fees associated with a special education due process complaint decided in April.

“This resolution is specifically to access Oregon School Board Association’s legal assistance trust fund,” Superintendent Michelle Johnstone explained Monday at the board’s regular meeting.

The administrative law judge who heard the case over the course of four weeks last year ruled against the district in April, which means the district incurs the legal fees of the family of the student that filed the complaint.

The student’s mother, Audra Marsh, through her attorney Diane Wiscarson, filed the complaint on behalf of her daughter, Elise Marsh, in January 2017.

“We are just putting in a request and I have everything ready to go,” Johnstone said. “We just need a resolution from the board asking for assistance.”

Mike Bollman, the board chairman, said the district doesn’t know how much, if any, the district will receive.

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