Explore your downtown

Two events will happen this weekend in Monmouth, Independence and Dallas that promote downtown businesses and the shop local movement.

The events, Discover MI Town, sponsored by the Monmouth Independence Chamber of Commerce, and the Wine and Art Walk, sponsored by the Dallas Downtown Association, have been carefully planned for both fun and promotion.

Holding the events back-to-back — and in conjunction with the Polk County Tourism Alliance’s week of Uncork Polk County — means word is getting out beyond the county’s borders to attract visitors from out of the area. That means new money for local businesses, possible hotel stay-overs and a good time to be had by all — locals and tourists alike.

We are excited about these events. We’ve watched Discover MI Town grow over the last four years from a small event with a couple dozen attending to 60 last year. Having the DDA Art and Wine Walk the next day encourages tourists to stay the night —which means spending more money in our local restaurants, coffee shops, bars and movie theaters.

The events promise to bring in more guests with the exposure they’ve gotten from Travel Salem as the kickoff events of Uncork Polk County.

The weather forecast is great for the weekend. With the Independence Monmouth Community Cleanup Day on Saturday, it will be perfect weather to get some chores done and explore shops you may not know we had in downtown Monmouth and Independence. Then explore downtown Dallas to see all the wonderful stores it holds.

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