Letters to the editor

Help Central ‘fill the bus’ Saturday

The Central School District Transportation Department will put on its annual food drive to help the community. This event is called “Fill the Bus,” and its purpose is to provide daily living necessities for local families in time of need.

Donation boxes can be found in each of the school offices, the district office on Fifth Avenue in Independence and the Transportation Department office at 520 Hoffman Road, Independence. We want to allow students and employees the opportunity of participating in this amazing drive. We encourage all residents of Monmouth and Independence to help us with this cause.

The “Fill the Bus” drive will take place on Saturday in the Bi-Mart parking lot in Monmouth from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Polk County Fire Department will be part of the event this year and will be bringing a fire truck and teaching about road and fire safety. Monmouth Police Department will also be participating, and Independence Police Department will be swinging by to show their support.

To top it off, there will be a few carnival-type games for kids to play when food is donated. For those who donate $20 of food, you will be in a drawing to win an extraordinary hanging plant basket donated by Cliff Trine. We would like to give a shout out to Mungo Signs for their generous contributions and Bi-Mart for always being so supportive of our yearly Food Drive.

Our goal is to completely fill the bus with personal and non-perishable food items. Working with children and parents on a daily basis, the Transportation Department understands the need to assist our community when times get tough. All proceeds will go to Ella Curran Food Bank.

This should be a great day for all, so come join in on the fun.

Teri E. Barry


Garus, council took extreme reaction

Thankfully I can at last rest easy knowing that the “Dallas Militia” is armed to the teeth with assault rifles, bump stocks and large-capacity ammunition magazines and ready to rumble. Everyone knows hordes of bad guys are massed at the city limits ready to attack. The extreme reaction of Micky Garus and others on the Dallas City Council toward common sense limits to gun ownership is just what could be expected of someone who believed teaching young girls that raffling off a weapon of war to benefit a children’s athletic group was a good idea. It’s interesting that this interpretation of the Second Amendment says to these people that any weapon is well-placed in the hands of the public. Can’t wait until hand grenades and bazookas are in the arsenals of these NRA devotees. The NRA must be so proud. Heaven help us.

Lynne Bowen


Councilors didn’t look at big picture

Our Dallas City Council voted to oppose any state or federal law when it comes to guns. What are the possible future ramifications of such an action that opposes state or federal laws? What are penalties? What about possible lawsuits? I don’t know the answers, and apparently, the council doesn’t either because they were not discussed. It doesn’t seem to me that our council president and some members of the council are interested in how the community feels or thinks about defying federal or state laws.

We need citizens and our elected officials to uphold the existing state and federal laws.

Lastly, doesn’t the council have more pressing problems to address that serve the citizens of this community?

Debra Nord


More research was needed

There is an order to process business for city government. The business is sent to one of the city’s four sub-committees. These sub-committees, made up of city councilors, do their due diligence and return their findings back to the full council for deliberations.

The Administration Committee would have done the research and been able to dissect what this resolution would have done to our city. This process should have started several months ago. I didn’t get my council packet until Friday, May 4, for discussion at our Monday, May 7, council meeting, which is not enough time to dissect all the issues that effect this resolution.

Resolution 3395 states we won’t support a law that unconstitutionally restricts a citizen’s rights to bear arms. If Initiative Petition 2018-043 passes and is deemed constitutional, does it mean the City cannot disagree, and are we held to a higher standard if we don’t enforce that Initiative Petition?

Even Councilor Garus stated “the outcome of Resolution 3395 is unknown.” These are some of the questions the Administrative Committee could have answered if given enough time.

When I have been sworn into office as a city councilor, I have proudly raised my right hand and, with honor, agreed to support the constitution and laws of the United States and the State of Oregon.

Being a city councilor is difficult at times. We represent the entire city and not just special interest groups. It is not possible to please everyone with every decision. Many times I have had to support an issue or topic that I personally did not like but it was best for the city and its citizens. I do not support IP 2018-043, but I wanted to have the city council do more research in committee, which we would customarily do.

Ken Woods


Dallas city councilor

Council should stick to city business

I am amazed that our city council leadership (?) has so little to do that they spend time on a resolution which does nothing. I hope that we all oppose unconstitutional laws, regardless of their subject. What I learned in my constitutional law class more than 50 years ago is that only the courts can determine a law unconstitutional. We might oppose a law because we believe it unconstitutional, but until it is determined so by the courts, it is law, and our council is required to uphold it. This whole kerfuffle seems to be just electioneering, or perhaps business. I support a council which does the city’s business, like fixing city streets, instead of studying the condition for the second time in five years.

Dale Derouin


Garus is tool of NRA

It is a real shame there is not a Constitutional amendment saying children have the right to attend school without being murdered by gun toting nuts. Then Micky Garus could actually have a bit of concern for the lives of our children rather than his right to have any kind of weapon he desires. It is clear to me that Garus would have voted with Michael Nearman against the Oregon law that allows a judge to order confiscation of weapons from a person found to be a hazard to him/her self or others. A simple protection for everyone.

But, Garus and his cronies have made their choice. Gun rights are more important than people’s lives. Garus is alarmed about restricting gun rights as if there were no restrictions now. The so called “Slippery Slope” argument claptrap has been successfully touted by the National Rifle Association and its minions for decades.

The truth is we are thankfully, already on that slope. Try to buy a hand grenade, or a rocket launcher or and artillery piece. Duh.

Garus and his ilk are working toward one goal as directed by the NRA: To allow the gun manufacturers to sell as many guns for profit as possible. There are already more guns than people in the U.S. But none in this chain of supply cares about personal safety or defending America, etc., just gun sales. These folks probably don’t even realize they are being suckered, they just believe what their political masters tell them.

Fred Brown


Garus wastes council time

Mr. Garus should try something constructive rather than pandering to the gun lobby. Using his office to promote guns and him a gun shop owner sounds a bit iffy for conflict of interest.

Isn’t this the same dude that gives away assault rifles as girls softball prizes? The same guy that brought us more negative publicity for his xenophobic remarks a while back? Hasn’t he done this before? It sure sounds like deja vous all over again. He knows one thing: how to waste the council’s time.

Thank goodness for councilors Woods, Gablicks and Fairchild. Otherwise, we might be left with one that spends all his time chasing Muslims out of town with a girls softball prize.

Mike Neufeldt


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