Letters to the editor

Never a wrong time to support rights

City Council has the responsibility to make many decisions for our community; not all are easy.

Unless you attend all the council meetings and review all the supporting documents, it’s challenging to know the motives behind our decisions.

Any decision passed by the majority of the council is believed to be in the best interest of Dallas and the citizens we serve.

This was true with the decision to support our sheriff, uphold the United States Constitution and State of Oregon Constitution by passing Resolution 3395, thereby reaffirming the oath of office we swore to, and guaranteeing we will protect the citizens when or if their rights are being threatened by unconstitutional laws.

I agree that we shouldn’t need to address these issues at our local level of government. The fact that we do says a lot about the current political climate, and the weakened state of our Constitutional Republic.

Councilor Ken Woods Jr. said, “I wanted to have the city council do more research in committee,” referencing the Administrative Committee of four city councilors, which I’m not appointed to and cannot vote on.

I’d like to remind Ken this was put before them twice, http://www.dallasor.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/1249; the committee took no action.

I felt it was important to allow the entire council body the opportunity to weigh in on this discussion.

I’m proud of our decision. No matter what your personal ideology is, there is never a wrong time to uphold the constitutions and defend the Rights of We the People.

On this conviction, I will not waver. I am always transparent and honest; with honesty oftentimes there’s controversy.

I keep my promises and do my part to ensure your government is trustworthy. Dallas is a special place; I’m honored to serve this community.

Micky Garus


President, Dallas City Council

Master gardeners grateful to IPD

The Polk County Master Gardeners sincerely thank the Independence Police Department for the quick apprehension of the individuals that broke into the Gathering Place of The Inspiration Garden at Mount Fir Park.

We particularly appreciate Officer Unverferth’s handling of the case and the recovery of our stolen equipment.

Darrell Ward


Polk Co Master Gardener

The people should have been asked

I’m confused by the city’s council. I feel blindsided by the gun control resolution passed by them. Was there any notification that this resolution was being considered? It seems the council conceived, wrote and passed it with no public input. Did I miss something?

I looked in past I-Os and on past agendas and meeting minutes, and found no mention of it. The council says they are representing the citizens of the town, but as far as I can tell, they failed to ask them for their opinions. This is a controversial subject, and the public should have had a chance to weigh in on it. Seems pretty sneaky to me. Maybe Tricky Micky is the new Tricky Dicky.

Martha Christian


Garus was right in taking action

I am disappointed in the criticism of Councilor Garus for his effort in supporting the Oregon Constitution.

Dallas now joins more than 30 cities and counties (including Polk County and signed by (former) Sheriff Wolfe) to pass such resolutions.

It seems ironic that those who seem to be most opposed to this effort are supportive of the Sanctuary City movement (like Portland), which requires the same process. However supporting undocumented aliens who have crossed our borders illegally (I call them criminals), could be obstruction of justice.

Harboring them in my opinion definitely is.

I disagree with everything that critics have said.

But a word of warning here, given the state of and the expense of PERS, and the likely cuts to police and fire, again in my opinion you should be prepared to take care of yourselves.

PERS’ top recipient is paid $76,000 per month. Now that is something to complain about.

Gary Weis


Proud of fellow residents

With reference to the “letters” in the I-O on May 16, I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for Lynne Bowen, Fred Brown and Mike Neufeldt for their sensibly reasoned condemnation of Councilor Garus. His apparent “no restrictions” support for the NRA’s playbook is appalling.

Thanks also to Dale Derouin for suggesting Councilor Garus and the entire Dallas City Council should devote their efforts to working on issues that would improve our city of Dallas.

Norm Silvey


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