Letters to the editor

Crosswalk on Jasper much needed

Thanks for the new crosswalk on Jasper near Dallas Retirement Village. I am confident it will be appreciated by many.

Thanks to the phantom stackers that made me smile with their cairns in the Main Street Plaza rocks. Too bad some other phantom destroyed them.

I’d like to thank you for the new (last year) handrails on the Dallas Park footbridge, but alas, I cannot.

As I have mentioned twice previously to city folk, the minute the sun hits that top plank, it becomes quite dangerous. I will bet there will be burns on many before that gets fixed. Even though we haven’t even hit the heat of summer, the rail certainly has on more than one occasion.

Ann Richmond


Not council’s job to decide

I am a little alarmed that the Dallas city council would consider it within their realm of responsibility to determine the Constitutionality of any laws.

That responsibility is, and always has been, reserved for the courts.

There are state and federal court systems for that. A legislative body has no business making that determination. Nor does any law enforcement official — they can only enforce the laws as they exist, right or wrong.

It’s Civics 101.

J. Mears


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