Pedee News

Pedee neighbor Portia Perkins made arrangements for Pedee Women’s Club members and friends to tour the Albany Carousel last Wednesday. Her husband Jack is the lead carver there, and he showed them the carving and painting studios and explained the carving process, as well as relating some of the fascinating history of the carousel and animals. After the tour, several of the women took a ride on one of those beautiful creatures before going to lunch at nearby Loafers.

Last year instead of a one-week Vacation Bible School program, each week a person or family at Pedee Church invited the kids over for a day of fun and camaraderie during the summer, planned by the member. It was so successful they will be doing it again this summer. The kids named themselves the Weekly Wranglers and the first week will be a campout at the Russells on June 15-16. This is not just for the kids attending church, but for all the kids in the neighborhood. Contact youth pastor Heather Traglia at for the complete schedule or check the Church Facebook page, “The Pedee Church Outpost.”

Daniel and Heidi Russell have a teenager now. Daughter Allana just turned 13 on Saturday, May 19, and celebrated with a party for several of the same friends that attended her first birthday party in Pedee seven years ago. The Russells did have a baby boy on March 14, which made his big brother Alex very happy. His name is Aarondavid Isaac.

Our area looks different this year. Many forested acres have been logged because of the great price for trees. I do miss those trees and the beautiful forest trails we all rode and walked on, but know they will grow back soon.

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