State releases report card data

POLK COUNTY — The state released school report card data on Oct. 24, and for most measures, Polk County high schools are performing similarly or better than average across the state.

The report provides demographic data on students and staff and measures of performance, such as graduation rates, class size and attendance rates.

Dallas High School’s regular attender rate, students who attend at least 90 percent of their classes, is at 88 percent, a 7 percent decrease.

DHS Principal Steve Spencer said fluctuations in attendance is normal, but the rate is lower than he wants to see.

“Going forward, however, we have devoted Measure 98 funds to support our college and career coordinator and one of the responsibilities of this position is to support our chronic non-attenders,” he said.

DHS improved its freshmen on-track-to-graduate rate — the percentage of freshmen earning a quarter of their high school credits in ninth grade — by 10 points.

“We attribute much of this to our focus in Advisory Groups, where we are working on building connections with each student, teaching goal setting skills, and supporting students as they weekly monitor their progress in each class,” Spencer said. “We have also seen success with our implementation of AVID strategies.”

The average class size at DHS is 24, while its four-year graduation rate is 76 percent, and five-year completion rate is 84 percent.

Central Superintendent Jennifer Kubista said Central High School is focusing on attendance. According to the report, 77 percent of its students attend regularly, a stat that is increasing but still below that state average of 80 percent. She said the district received a grant to help with that issue.

“Last year an attendance team at the high school was developed to focus on reaching out to the students, as well as families, as to why students were not coming to school and re-engage them,” Kubista said.”This committee continues this year at the school.”

Kubista said the school is working on data tracking and engaging freshman to make sure they are on track to graduate. The report has Central’s rate at 78 percent. Central’s on-time graduation rate is 84 percent and the five-year completer rate is 90 percent.

Falls City High: Class size — 12.5; regular attenders — 54 percent; on-track to graduate — 67 percent; and on-time graduation — 75 percent; and five-year completion rate — 94 percent.

Perrydale High: Class size — 23; regular attenders — 73 percent; on-track to graduate — 85 percent; on-time graduation — 94 percent; and five-year completion — 96 percent.

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