Join the ranks of voters

This November election, we have many seats open on local, state and national levels. It is up to you to decide who will represent you in making decisions in everything from how your taxes are spent — roads, education, social services, to name a few — to who will be hired as the city manager.

In today’s issue of the Itemizer-Observer, we start our coverage of candidates with those running for Dallas council and mayor (see Pages A6 and A7). We will continue providing candidates’ answers to questionnaires in efforts to supply you with as much information as possible when it comes to making your decisions on the ballot. We will cover Dallas, Falls City, Independence and Monmouth city council and mayoral candidates, as well as those running for House District 20 and 23.

Add to your education arsenal by reading letters to the editors — find out who your neighbors think is qualified for the job and why — and make your own opinions.

If so inclined, send us a letter (100 words or less please) and share your opinion about who should be elected come November.

Also this week, candidate forums will be held in Dallas and in Monmouth, sponsored by the respective chambers of commerce, where people will have a chance to ask candidates questions in person and hear responses.

The best way to make a change — or keep things the same — is to get involved and vote. Posting an opinion or idea on social media doesn’t count in the County Clerk’s office on election day.

Those who haven’t registered yet, there’s still time. Moved? To register or change information online:

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