Pope brings 100 beds across finish line

POLK COUNTY — It wasn’t by Aug. 31, but the Polk County Resource Center met its goal of collecting 100 beds for people in need.

The last bed was pledged on Oct. 2 by Polk County Commissioner Craig Pope during the Board of Commissioners weekly Tuesday work session.

Family & Community Outreach Director Brent DeMoe said that morning that the campaign had enough beds and money donated for 99 beds.

“We’re one mattress shy, but I believe there is a commissioner that might we willing to donate a bed,” DeMoe said. “I think if you do that, you are No. 100. You will help us with the final one.”

Pope raised his hand and nodded, officially bringing 100 Beds in 100 Days across the finish line.

The campaign began in June after PCRC staff noticed that many of the families the center helped needed beds. Last year, the resource center helped about 3,500 people.

The center has a warehouse of donated household furnishings to give to individuals or families who were previously homeless, living in someone else’s home, or escaping domestic violence.

The warehouse doesn’t take used mattresses, however, so resource center staff asked the community for help, setting a goal of collecting 100 Beds in 100 Days, or by Aug. 31.

“We had $5,000 in cash donated,” DeMoe said. “And then we had an additional 20 or so mattress donated and lots of box springs and lots of frames. It’s pretty amazing that the community came together and we were able to do that.”

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