CSD says no immediate threats

Central School District

Central School District

MONMOUTH/INDEPENDENCE — The Central School District posted a “Safety Bulletin” on its website on Friday, stating a former district employee made “veiled threats” regarding current employees.

“In the spirit of transparent information sharing, I wanted to keep you posted on a current safety issue,” said Superintendent Jennifer Kubista in the post. “Recently a past employee of the district made disparaging comments and veiled threats in relation to certain employee’s personal lives and employment issues. We take all incidents such as this seriously and immediately engaged our police partners. We also worked directly with law enforcement threat assessment teams to determine if there was any specific threat to our communities.”

District officials and law enforcement continue to evaluate the threats, but “based on current circumstances, there are no immediate threats to safety, however, the individual who made the statements is no longer allowed on our campuses,” according to the post.

Kubista worked in Tacoma Public Schools for 14 years. During that time, there were two school-related shootings.

“I was in a school district where we had a school shooting,” she said. “Not only a school shooting, but we had an employee who was being stalked, who was also shot and killed on school grounds.

“Anything that is tied to safety and security of our students, of our staff, of our schools, I will always take that very seriously and be in a preventative, proactive approach to making sure that we are safe and secure within the Central School District.”

Kubista said CSD holds fire and earthquake drills, as every school district does.

They also do drills for “working through just being preventative in what I’m going to call more active violence types of things,” she said.

Kubista said the district has a great partnership with the Monmouth and Independence police departments.

“That’s very important to me,” she said. “Any time we’re working through safety and security measures, they will be part of those conversations.”

The district has developed a safety plan, she said.

Kubista said the district will update the community if there are “any new or different concerns or information.”

Contact the district office 503-606-2201 with safety concerns or to share information.

The Safe Oregon Hotline is available 24 hours a day at 844-472-3367 via phone call or text message and at tip@safeoregon.com via email.

This hotline also has an online reporting form which may be found at app.safeoregon.com.

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