Business shuffle in downtown Dallas

Some Things in Dallas is in the process of moving to the old Crider Building.

Some Things in Dallas is in the process of moving to the old Crider Building.

DALLAS — Downtown Dallas businesses Some Things and the Dallas Main Street Emporium will be shuffling locations in the coming months after Some Things owner Mike Berkes found a building to expand his store.

Berkes said Some Things, now at 857 Main St., has outgrown its space, and he had been looking for a bigger place when the old Crider’s building a few blocks down at the corner of Oak and Main streets was sold.

“We’ve been looking quietly for about three years for somewhere appropriate to move. It’s a mixed blessing because just finding space is one thing, but we didn’t want to lose our downtown roots,” Berkes said. “We wanted to be in a historic building. It was hard to find. We could have gone into a modern building in the newer part of town a long time ago or left town completely, but that’s not what we wanted to do.”

Berkes said he contacted the new owner, commercial real estate firm Terra Quest LLC, and told him about his plans to expand his shop, which sells antiques and new items, including furniture and beds. He said he got a call from the owner’s son saying they approved of the plans.

“It’s four times what we have now in square feet,” Berkes said. “We are to take 25 percent of it and replicate this store. Everything that brought us to the dance is going to come back with us. We are going to continue to have dealers. We are going to continue to have used furniture. The health center will be in there. Just like you see in here.”

The rest will be an expansion of the new-furniture side of the business.

“We’ve already got our franchise for Jackson’s Furniture. We have our franchise for Flexsteel, and we are working on others,” Berkes said. “We will be a full-fledged furniture store.”

Getting the new location ready will delay the move until the end of February, Berkes estimates. He said the old coolers and freezers in the Crider building had to be removed — and that is just the beginning. The owners will put in new heating and air conditioning, and remodel the bathrooms, he said. Berkes will install new floors, upgrade the electrical, replace the electric door in the front, and reopen the entrance on Main Street.

“There’s a lot of work to be done in the building,” Berkes said. “We would go today if it were up to us, but it’s a substantial renovation in that building.”

Some Things isn’t the only business making a move. Once Berkes’ store opens down the street, the Dallas Main Street Emporium will relocate into the Some Things building, according to Emporium employee Merry Parks.

Emporium owners Kim and Mark Brehm purchased the Some Things building a few years ago, she said.

Parks said the Brehms were on vacation, but confirmed the move — and hinted at plans to bring a new enterprise into the Emporium’s current location at 939 Main St.

“We will be moving into the Some Things building after a little bit of remodeling. It will happen over the next few months. There are not hard, fast dates yet,” she said. “Mark and Kim are looking into some interesting options for this building. Several things are possibilities, things that are not already offered downtown.”

Parks didn’t elaborate on just what kind of business could occupy the building because nothing is final at this point.

“If things work out like they are hoping, this is going to be amazing,” she said. “But like I said, nothing is firmed up yet.”

Parks, who is a former Some Things vendor, said she thinks the moves are positive for both businesses and for the downtown.

“I think it’s exciting because it’s growth, and there will be new opportunities,” she said.

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