IDA fleshes out ghost story

INDEPENDENCE — What really happened to Lenora?

The ghost who reportedly haunts the Sperling Building in Independence will be joining dinner guests at the second annual Independence Downtown Association Mystery Dinner, at least in spirit.

“There are various stories about who she was,” said Marilyn Morton, who wrote the play for the fundraiser. “This play clears up a lot of the mystery about who she was and what happened to her.”

Solve the Mystery

What: “What Really Happened to Lenora?”

When: 6 p.m. on Jan. 12

Where: Elks Lodge, 289 S. Main St., Independence

Tickets: $50 per person, https://tinyurl.c...

Written by: Marilyn Morton

Technical director: Vickie McCubbin, chair of the Heritage Museum Commission


Dan: Vidal Pena (First Baptist Church Arts Integrated Ministry)

Leanne: Kim Puffpaff (AIM)

Noreen: Stevie Carlton (AIM)

Hugh: Isaiah Hibbard (AIM)

Mary Walker: Andrea Holliday (Independent Ice Cream Shop)

Nora: Jenny Hibbard (AIM)

Moss Walker: Josh Allen (AIM)

Hugo: Mike Hibbard (AIM)

At least, according to local legend.

The story that has been told around the community is that Lenora was a woman who committed suicide when she was devastated by the news that her soldier husband was killed in the withdrawal from France in World War I, Morton said.

“Lenora is seen most often trying to cross Main Street from the Sperling Building to the park,” Morton said.

Morton said she has read a couple of different blogs that talk about the haunted buildings at Western Oregon University, but also mention Independence’s Lenora,

“I started hearing about (her) in about 1995 and 1996,” Morton said. “This takes the story a little farther. Dead is dead no matter how you get there, but there’s more to the story than what that says.”

Dinner guests at the Jan. 12 event will try to figure out what really happened to Lenora.

Tickets include dinner for one and a front-row seat to the puzzling story of Lenora.

The story is set in the 1920s, and themed attire is encouraged.

Proceeds will benefit the Independence Downtown Association.

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