Letters to the editor

Living Skills says thanks

Daily Living Skills would like to thank the following businesses for supporting safe recreation education:

Dallas Mortuary, General Rental, Mid Valley Dental, L&L, Woolsey Family Dental, Capitol Auto Group, Some Things, White’s Collision Service, Hank Klievers Floor Cov. and State Farm.

Hunter Stevenson


President deserves respect

I am in total agreement with the recent letter to the editor that we certainly should respect the president as an elected official.

Those who disagree should have been there last summer with a young 22-year-old Dallas resident, Wyatt Alderman, who worked with the UN at a refugee camp in Greece.

The people at the camps had water to drink and water for cooking, but there was none for bathing or washing clothes. The temperature was 90 to 95. And some of the refugees had been there for 36 months. They would have given their right arm to be legally in this country and have Mr. Trump for president. They were from N. Africa, where there was war, no freedom of the press, and no letters to the editor.

Madison Rothchild


City just wants more

I would have to agree with Joetta Chrissakis in last week’s I-O. Again I ask why do we have fees attached to or water bills that have nothing at all to do with water?

I know there are a lot of citizens of Dallas that know what our town used to look like?

Now weeds, trash, streets, and lack of upkeep can be seen everywhere. It seems the city only wants more fees. Sneak them in the back door because it might not pass if voted on properly with a bond issue as it should be. Don’t you think we as the citizen of Dallas should be able to vote on it? With all the building and fees collected on new building, new permits, and water bills, the city hasn’t collected enough? We should be able to at least vote. Not just have a fee slapped on us?

Ferrell True


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