Wrestlers learn from agony of defeat

Dallas Sophomore Kimmy Holgate pins the arm back of her opponent at the duel meet against Central on Jan. 10.

Photo by Jennifer Biberston
Dallas Sophomore Kimmy Holgate pins the arm back of her opponent at the duel meet against Central on Jan. 10.

DALLAS — Corbin Sedlacek leaned his head against the wall of the gym and closed his eyes in a grimace.

Behind him, screams and shouts permeated every corner of Dallas High School’s gym as the dual wrestling meet continued between the Central High School Panthers and the Dragons.

But Sedlacek, a junior at CHS, didn’t hear any of it.


Dallas’ Logan Person heaves his opponent to the mat during the duel meet at Dallas High School on Jan. 10.

He had just lost in a grueling match against Dallas’ Cooper Hise in the 195-weight bracket.

Losing, he said, is a part of wrestling, and when it does happen, it’s not an easy pill to swallow.

“It was a hard match, (Hise) is a good wrestler; he’s strong, knows how to wrestle, he wrestles for a great mat club. And, it’s just how it goes sometimes,” Sedlacek said. “I learned a lot from that match, and I just have to take some things from that match, watch the video and get better on some things. I thought it was a good match; I wrestled my hardest, he wrestled his hardest. I’ll give it to him.”

Going into the match, he said he had hoped for a different outcome.

“Get(ing) my hand raised at the end,” he said. “I expect it, not out of cockiness, just, I put the work in and sometimes that’s just not how it goes. There’s always a better wrestler out there, there’s always a better athlete out there than you. Like I said, I expect to get my hand raised, and that didn’t happen, but … I’m going to work harder to go beat him next time. Hopefully I’ll see him at districts.”

Central lost to Dallas 52-18.

CHS head coach Van Holstad said he knew going into it that it was going to be a tough match-up.

“On Thursday we knew going in that Dallas is a very good team from top to bottom, and what we focused on was being competitive and to not worry about scores or wins and losses,” Holstad said. “We were focused on doing what we do and being competitive. For the most part, we were competitive, but some of our wrestlers are still making major mistakes that teams like Dallas will capitalize on, and hopefully, we learned from the meet and will correct our errors before we see them at the district tournament.”

On the Dragons side, even with the 10 recorded victories, there were some tough losses that left wrestlers visibly upset.

Dallas sophomore Kimmy Holgate battled against the Panthers’ Cesar Rodriguez and left the mat nearly in tears after her defeat.

But like Sedlacek, she seemed to understand that losses happen, that it’s an integral part of the sport.

“Well, those first two rounds were really tough, and the third one I started getting mad, and that’s when I was able to flip him over those two times,” Holgate said. “It was a hard match because he did have more muscle than me. I was really hoping for the win, but I knew there was a chance I would lose, but I kept my head up and tried my best.”

Last year, Holgate narrowly missed her shot at going to state. This year, she’s hoping for a different outcome.

“I’m hoping to place in state (this year) because last year, I placed fifth in the state qualifiers, so I almost made it to state but I didn’t, and that was me as a freshman, so it was a huge achievement and I was the only freshman on the podium.”

That evening also featured all of the Dragons seniors, and recognized the seniors on Central’s team.

Dallas’ next meet is at home on Jan. 17, hosting Central, North Salem and Silverton, at 4 p.m.


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