Pedee News

The Pedee Women’s Club were happy to see Deanne Maddox and her two sisters-in-law at their monthly potluck. Paul Maddox’s sister-in-law Mildred Maddox lives in Monmouth and sister Judy Houston came from the Chicago area to visit Deanne.

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Pedee News

On the Pedee Church work day, Saturday, June 9, Chuck Goetzinger planted five flowering plum trees by the amphitheater in memory of Paul and Betty Ronco, longtime members of Pedee Church. We’ll enjoy their beauty for years to come.

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Pedee News

June Clark is back on the road with her motorcycle now that the weather is better.

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Pedee News

The Pedee Tryoneers 4-H Club is making plans for summer. Members have had fun this school year meeting and doing fun activities together at Pedee Church, but now they are getting serious about their projects for the county fair.

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Pedee News

Pedee neighbor Portia Perkins made arrangements for Pedee Women’s Club members and friends to tour the Albany Carousel last Wednesday.

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DHS grad skis blind internationally

Bleich skis classical style, which puts the skis in grooves in the snow that serve as tracks. Unlike in many other situations, with cross-country skiing, he doesn’t have to move slowly or cautiously.

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Milestone birthday

Over 120 friends and relatives helped long-time resident, John Hansen, celebrate his 100th birthday on Feb. 8 in the Dallas Retirement Village Health Center.

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MI Town

Today is the last day of a month that most of us will be happy to bid a fond farewell — January has mostly been days of rain and even more rain.

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Pedee News

Debbie Rodriquez attended her company’s annual convention near Portland the week of Jan. 17 and won an award for her excellent work.

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