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Set seeds on the right path with soil

While you’re battling the winter blues, make your own seed-starting mix and plan for the gardening days ahead.

Feb. 3 MI Town

We’ve turned the page on our calendar to the bright and shiny new month of February, which brings us Groundhog Day and St. Valentine’s Day — two good reasons to bring laughter and joy into those often gray winter days.

Feb. 3 Pedee News

Tuesday, Jan. 19, was a banner day for Betty Forry.

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Soil tests unveil the mysteries beneath

Soil defines the success of a garden, but for many it’s a mystery.


We’ll bid a fond farewell to the wintry month of January in just a few more days.

Jan. 13 Pedee News

We recently learned that Glady Trosen, widow of former pastor of Pedee Church Rev. Robert Trosen, died on Thursday, Dec. 24, 2015.

Jan. 13 MI Town

We’re deep into winter in MI Town and it seems like springtime is a distant future dream.

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Five berry shrubs to feed winter birds

When winter comes and the menu for birds shrinks in urban backyards, they rely on the kindness of humans.


The most beautiful church service of the year in Pedee is this Thursday’s Christmas Eve candlelight service, which will be at 8 p.m. this year.


It’s almost Christmas in MI Town, the presents are under the tree and we’re awaiting the arrival of kids and grandkids.

PEDEE NEWS: Arlene Kovash

Check out the photography of Leonard Foltz and Fred Weisensee in the Dancing Oaks Nursery calendar.

PEDEE NEWS: Arlene Kovash

Local families busy with many activities.

PEDEE NEWS: Arlene Kovash

The Pedee Women’s Club holiday fair is over and all went well.

PEDEE NEWS: Arlene Kovash

The Pedee Women’s Club has its candy made and the women lined up to bring soup and pies to serve at its holiday fair this Saturday.

PEDEE NEWS: Arlene Kovash

Our traveling neighbor Judy Guida was in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, when Hurricane Patricia hit three weeks ago, and so spent a day in a hurricane shelter there.