Falls City to hold court in Indy

The city of Falls City is establishing an agreement for the city of Independence to conduct Falls City’s municipal court.

Rules change on manufactured homes

Polk County Assessor Doug Schmidt announced that his office will no longer process manufactured home ownership transfer applications, but it will still help residents with applications.

Indy adds franchise fee to data, internet

Telecommunications companies who provide data services in Independence will now be affected by a 7 percent franchise fee on gross profits, or $500, whichever is greater.


Public agenda for Feb. 22

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Commissioners OK bond in May

If voters say yes, $10 million would go toward building upgrades

Voters will be asked to decide whether to provide $10 million to the county for repairs and maintenance at several facilities in the May 16 election.

Sewer billing to change costs

Sewer bills in Monmouth will likely increase, though a few customers will see a decrease, because the way bills are calculated are set to change.

Monmouth OKs marijuana zoning

Marijuana retail, processing and production facilities have been added to the Monmouth zoning code through a legislative amendment passed unanimously at the Feb. 7 council meeting.


Public agenda for Feb. 15

Falls City water master plan moves to health authority

The Falls City City Council approved its draft water master plan Thursday, authorizing it to be sent to the Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Water Resources Department for review.

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Dallas looks closer at URD use

The Dallas Urban Renewal Agency will begin negotiations with a consultant to complete a fiscal analysis of Urban Renewal District.


Public Agenda for Feb. 8

BOC to hold hearing on bond

The Polk County Board of Commissioners is holding two public hearings regarding the proposed up to $10 million bond for maintaining existing county facilities on Feb. 15 at 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.

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ODOT studies show roundabouts reduce injury accidents by 75 percent

Studies nationwide show that modern roundabouts reduce fatal crashes by 90 percent.

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DPD building considered

The city of Dallas is looking at its options for a future police facility.


Public Agenda for Feb. 1