What’s the emergency

The Oregon State Legislature is meeting for its short session shenanigans, 35 days in even-numbered years.

Letter: Be safe when walking, biking

Only bike and walk at dark or in the rain when absolutely necessary. Use crosswalks with lights or at intersections. Don’t jaywalk.

Letter: Changes needed to use potential

As a State Legislator, my job is to facilitate a safe and secure Oregon. Development of economic growth in our communities is a duty I take seriously.

Letter: Dallas Hospital chief says ‘goodbye’

Friday marked my last day as chief administrative officer at Salem Health West Valley and clinics. With a heavy heart, I have decided to return to my native Washington state so I can spend daily quality time with my family.

Letter: Failed thief: it never pays to steal

To all it should concern: I once tried to steal from this very hard-working, honest man. No guesses here, he caught me.

Minet board should reconsider options

The board of directors of Monmouth Independence Networks (Minet) decided Thursday to indefinitely table an idea of the telecommunications company providing free WiFi access to residents and visitors of both cities in exchange for possible debt relief from the two cities.

Letter: Watch out for your rights this season

Dangerous bills are being introduced.

Letter: Help promote live music in the area

My name is Bob Rause; I am a member of a musical group called Parish Gap. I would like to help promote live music in Dallas.

Letter: Thanks for Adopt-a-Family success

Dallas Adopt a Family, a long-standing program, provides families with gifts and food through gracious community donors who “adopt” families for Christmas.

Service providers join to help others

For the fifth year, Polk County Service Integration will host the Polk Community Connect event from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Valley Life Center Church, 1795 SE Miller Ave., in Dallas.

Letter: Bright clothing can make a difference

A couple years ago while driving along a road near my home in the predawn darkness, I rounded a curve and almost ran over a jogger.

Letter: Help maintain parks in memory of Lines

For years, I have enjoyed the beauty of Dallas Parks and trails, thanks in large part to the work of Ron Lines and his small parks crew.

Letter: Fact check letters before you believe

A letter to the editor in the Jan. 13 I-O by a Richard Evans repeatedly calls President Obama a dictator, evidenced by his uncontrolled use of executive orders.

Letter: Bicyclists, drivers must share the road

First of all, my sympathies to the family of John Shapely and sympathies to Daniel Major who will be forever haunted by this avoidable tragedy.

Letter: Parents group wants privacy for all

As most of us are aware by now, across this nation is the issue of access, should we allow anatomical males and anatomical females in opposite sex locker rooms or restrooms?