Districts dodge bullet this time

It’s time for those in the Capitol to pay it forward for these kids to get a better education.


Transparency helps public trust officials

The public should be outraged when lawmakers directly attack transparency, for with no transparency there can be no accountability.


Public safety system requires resources

If a household was surviving on such little income and needed more money, it would be time to get a second job. But neither the DA’s office nor the sheriff’s department can moonlight at another job.


To the candidates for DSD superintendent

The superintendent is an important job in the community and can help shape the future of education.


Separate fact from fiction in levy letters

We don’t want to be a part of the misinformation campaign by publishing letters that are not accurate.


Kitzhaber ultimately was blinded by love

Kitzhaber announced Friday that he was resigning as Oregon governor effective Wednesday (today), just weeks into his fourth term in office.


Graduation rates do raise local concerns

When it comes to high school graduation rates, doing better than the state average is not necessarily good.


Levy will be a tough sell to county voters

We are glad that the Polk County Board of Commissioners has decided to refer a five-year countywide public safety levy to voters. It was the right decision and, in our opinion, a bit overdue.


How companies deal with a fear of change

People’s ability to cope with ever-more-complex gadgets, data, machines and documents may be reaching a neo-Luddite threshold of resistance.


Kindergarten tests leave us wondering

The assessment is intended to show where kids are on the first day of entering the public school system, more of an analysis of pre-kindergarten education than anything having to do with K-12.


Despite loss, Ducks prove to be winners

Even in defeat, the Oregon football team made many of its supporters and others proud.


Charitable giving a year-round affair

But Christmastime makes up just a small part of the 365 days on the calendar, and the need for assistance by members of our communities doesn’t magically disappear after the holidays are over at the snap of a finger.

Try something new to you during 2015


One of my favorite things about being a reporter is all the people I get to meet throughout the year.


Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

In the spirit of the holiday season, we continue a tradition we revived in 2007 and reprint this classic editorial written by Francis P. Church from the 1897 New York Sun. It is in response to a letter to the editor received from a young girl looking for answers as to the existence of Santa Claus. We hope you enjoy it.


It’s time to resolve Perrydale dispute

Perrydale teachers have been working for nearly six months without a current contract, and it looks like it will be at least another month before they get one. Negotiations have been going on even longer, since February.