Kudos to Falls City volunteers

For a moment last week, we were holding our breath. A favorite part of the Fourth of July weekend in Polk County — Falls City Third of July celebrations — might not happen.


Student health center good for all

If you haven’t heard about it, Central Health and Wellness Center will provide all students in Polk County — and, well, the entire community — with health, mental health and dental care.


Focus should be on students

The state legislators are again attacking the future of education, attempting to put a stop to fifth-year programs such as Dallas High School’s Extended Campus.


Class of 2015 blazes ahead

Congratulations, high school graduates.


Positive role model sends can-do message

Western Oregon University has a true gem on the athletics staff. While the athletes compete for glory in competition, this person is content to be in the background.


All welcome at Relay for Life

Everyone in the community is welcome to join the Relayers at the event and help “Give Cancer the Boot.” Plenty of activities throughout the day and well into the evening are scheduled, so even if you’re not on a team, you can find something that may interest you.


Take a closer look around Polk County

Welcome to “Polk Wonderland,” nestled in the heart of the Willamette Valley, a county filled with more wonders than imagined and plenty of choices and opportunities to explore for a lifetime.


SB 322’s death provides hope

The Oregon Senate Committee on Education made a wise choice when it allowed Senate Bill 322 to die in committee


Districts dodge bullet this time

It’s time for those in the Capitol to pay it forward for these kids to get a better education.


Transparency helps public trust officials

The public should be outraged when lawmakers directly attack transparency, for with no transparency there can be no accountability.


Public safety system requires resources

If a household was surviving on such little income and needed more money, it would be time to get a second job. But neither the DA’s office nor the sheriff’s department can moonlight at another job.


To the candidates for DSD superintendent

The superintendent is an important job in the community and can help shape the future of education.


Separate fact from fiction in levy letters

We don’t want to be a part of the misinformation campaign by publishing letters that are not accurate.


Kitzhaber ultimately was blinded by love

Kitzhaber announced Friday that he was resigning as Oregon governor effective Wednesday (today), just weeks into his fourth term in office.


Graduation rates do raise local concerns

When it comes to high school graduation rates, doing better than the state average is not necessarily good.