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12/26 Pedee News: Arlene Kovash

December 26, 2012

It's been an eventful Christmas season for Pedee so far.

On Dec. 15, Pedee Church sponsored a progressive dinner party concluding with dessert and a Christmas concert by acoustical guitarist Ron Diller at the church.

More than 50 church members and friends traveled from house to house to get their dinners, including David and Mary LaMarr, who arrived in their RV from California to work at a logging site in January and happened to stop in at the church just in time to join the party. Laura and Jeff Hauck, Pam Burbank and Rob and Lyndsey Zarfas served a salad and rolls at their homes, and Steve and Glenda Bush, James and Jenny Mellein and Paul and Arlene Kovash served a main course of ham and potatoes at their homes.

On the morning of Dec. 16, the children of Pedee Church presented the Christmas story to the congregation. Jenny Mellein directed the play. Children participating were: Dawntae Bault; Preston and Parker Crowe; Tanner, Reid and Cassidy Simmons; McKenzie and Blake Hauck; Allana, Alex and Abby Russell; Leo and Annika Mellein; Camden, Mahkay and Haleigh; and Trista Wallace.

Bridgeport Chapel held a very elaborate and moving Christmas pageant that same weekend, featuring more than 40 speaking parts, a market place and Roman soldiers. On Dec. 16 several Pedee residents drove to Bridgeport to see it. Unfortunately, we had a huge wind storm during the program and a power line fell across Kings Valley Highway between there and Pedee, so we all had to drive over to Gardner Road in a driving rain storm to get home, dodging branches all the way. I, of course, got lost and wound up in Falls City, but did manage to get home after an hour of driving around, practically without gas. The downed power line meant that many people in Pedee were without electricity for several hours during the night.

The Pedee Women's Club had its Christmas potluck Dec. 19. Given their reputation for delicious potluck dishes, people came from Oregon City, McMinnville, Sheridan, Dallas, Philomath and Monmouth to get in on the luncheon. They celebrated Marguerite Nice's 70th birthday with a cake. Two of her best friends from her 1957 eighth-grade class at Pedee joined us, Colene Condon Lamberty from Philomath and Mary Lou Tharp Phillips from Sheridan.

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