Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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4/3 MI Town: Patty Taylor Dutcher

April 02, 2013

Celebrations of Easter, Passover and spring break were over so quickly this year -- our local students are back in their classrooms with thoughts of sports, proms and upcoming graduations competing with learning history, English and math.

Spring is the time for dreams and fantasies, and everyone is looking forward to days filled with sunshine and evenings that you want to last forever.

When "spring fever" catches you unaware, it is not the time to deal with the reality of tidying up closets and pulling weeds. This is a wonderful time to take a long walk around MI Town.


When spring cleaning becomes foremost in your mind -- and on those days where April showers are the norm -- take a good, long look at your bookcases and go through those books in the corner of the living room or by your bedside.

Remember that New Year's resolution about reading more books this year? The Friends of the Monmouth Library would like to remind everyone that its spring book sale is coming up soon and that it needs books in good condition -- especially children's books. Drop them off at the library during regular hours.


Our hearts were heavy as we said a tearful farewell to our sweet dog, Bear, last week.

Several years ago, we adopted a great big Golden Retriever from a rescue organization, and our lives were never quite the same.

We fed him, walked him and gave him a soft, warm place to sleep. He gave us unconditional love and affection, a reason to laugh at least five times every day, and so many good stories and memories that we shared with everyone.

Bear loved walking on campus and road trips to the coast, where he could run into the ocean and roll in the most gross, dead things on the beach. He chased sea gulls and other seabirds, and gave little children wet doggy kisses at every opportunity.

Bear was the kindest and most gentle dog, and he loved everyone. He was in our lives for 10 years and will be in our hearts forever. Someday, we'll scatter his ashes at his favorite beach.


Mark your calendars for the Monmouth Senior Center breakfast this Saturday from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. Good food and great conversation await everyone on the first Saturday of every month. It's a wonderful breakfast for hungry folks of all ages and the prices are reasonable. The kids can return for seconds -- and so can you.

Crafter's Corner is also open during breakfasttime, so you can even do some shopping and save a trip to the mall. It's much more fun and another opportunity to keep your money where your town is.