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5/22 Pedee News: Arlene Kovash

May 21, 2013

Polk County Saddle-Ites Saddle Club will host its annual poker ride on June 22. They will be riding out from Jerry Mentzer and Charm Waller's place on Pedee Creek Road, ride the trails for several hours, then come back for a potluck dinner. A poker ride is a trail ride where participants buy at least one poker hand to go on the ride, then get the opportunity to choose prizes based upon how good their drawn hand is. Anyone interested in the ride or the club can contact Karen Porter at 503-606-0471 or via email to


It's a pleasure to see the new little foals romping in the pastures on Pedee Creek Road. Jerry Mentzer's horse, Misty, had a buckskin colt named Checkers four weeks ago, and Judy Guida's new little sorrel filly, Ember, was born to her horse, Barbie, on May 14, four weeks late but healthy and lively.


Gene and Carolyn Hall's granddaughter, Bailey White, came from Denton, Texas, to spend a few weeks with them. She had just completed her first year at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, where she is a pre-nursing student.

Carolyn has been driving to Seattle once a week for chemotherapy, so her family has rallied around to help her out for the last several months. She is happy to say the chemo seems to be working and she's feeling much better.


Bob and Lynda Schnekenburger just got back from a cruise down the Pacific Coast. They had a beautiful, relaxing time after a stressful year of rebuilding their home after the fire.

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