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6/12 MI Town: Patty Taylor Dutcher

June 11, 2013

These beautiful summer mornings bring so many blessings and benefits to those who are up early to savor the perfection of a brand spanking new day. There's something so delightful and almost awesome about the morning sounds of birds and the freshness of a summer breeze -- along with the anticipation of the day to come.

I've found the very best way to get to know MI Town is to put on a comfortable pair of walking shoes and set out for a good walk along our local streets and throughout our neighborhoods.

The walk becomes more of an adventure with a companion or dog -- or both -- and the healthful benefits of walking on a sunny morning or afternoon only add to the joy of seeing the hard work of our neighbors, and how they share with all of us the pretty green lawns and gorgeous flowers everywhere. This seems to be a fantastic year for roses and the fragrance from the colorful blooms follow us along the way.


The sights of U-Hauls and cars laden down with all kinds of possessions reminds us that Western Oregon University students will be returning to their home communities for the summer and we'll be saying goodbye for a few weeks to many of our young neighbors.

A number of students will remain in our communities to work at summer jobs and to attend classes, so that will keep the youthful presence alive and well until September, when we'll welcome a new freshman class to campus and get reacquainted with other students.

Over the last several years, MI Town has taken on an international feeling with many new faces from faraway places, and it's been so much fun to get to learn about other cultures. Students from all over the world also discover that life in MI Town is far different from what's so often portrayed on television and in the movies.


What welcome news it is to hear that our local school districts will receive more funding from the legislature because of better economic news. Schools in Polk County -- as well as statewide -- have had to make hard decisions regarding job layoffs and days when classes weren't held for the last several years.

Giving our children and youth the very best public education possible is the most important thing we can do as a community, and these funds will go a long way to make that a possibility.


Best wishes to all our newly minted graduates. So many hopes, dreams and opportunities are waiting for the Class of 2013 to discover in the world of work, military service or college. May you choose wisely and go with confidence.

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