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9/25 MI Town: Patty Taylor Dutcher

September 24, 2013

My friend, Beverly White, was on a tour bus in New York City recently and saw a Jumbotron billboard in Times Square featuring the Western Oregon University-Central Washington University women's softball game where WOU's Sara Tucholsky hit her first home run before collapsing on the field with a torn ligament injury just after she'd touched first base.

Two CWU players, Mallory Holtman and Liz Wallace, carried Tucholsky around the bases, so she would be credited with the home run on April 26, 2008.

What fun to remember that wonderful game -- and the lessons in true sportsmanship that we'll long remember.


Main Street and Cherry Lane parks in Monmouth, as well as Mountain Fir Park in Independence, are looking really good these days, thanks to an amazing group of volunteers who spent Sept. 14 spreading bark dust, clearing brush and planting flowers and shrubs.

Aaron Shinkle coordinated the activity, with more than 230 volunteers, including members of the Monmouth LDS Church, Central High School football team and Polk County Master Gardeners.

In addition to all their hard work, volunteers also collected 4,600 pounds of food for the Ella Curran Food Bank in Independence.

Mark Landau from the Monmouth Public Works Department said that everyone did a "phenomenal job," and that without the help of so many hardworking people, this could not have been accomplished.

It's great to know that there are so many folks in MI Town who can do good things to brighten our communities and step in to do the heavy lifting where it's needed.


The Independence Hop & Heritage Festival is scheduled Friday, Saturday and Sunday with all kinds of fun activities and events that encompass everything from a homebrew competition to pie-eating contests, a dance competition and the ever-popular Ghost Walk. Enjoy breakfast at the airport and a barbecue dinner at the Elks -- and so many events in between. We'll see you there.


Fall brings all kinds of good things to us -- crispy apples fresh from the trees, comfortable cool mornings and evenings and football games. It's also the season when we need to remember to get our flu shots, which help keep us from getting that nasty bug this winter. Representatives from the Polk County Health Department will be at the Monmouth Senior Center on Oct. 3 from 1 to 2:30 p.m. to administer flu shots. For more information: 503-623-8175.


WOU's homecoming celebration is just around the corner, with activities beginning Oct. 7 with the second annual Fundie Run, followed by a Bonfire Kickoff. Activities continue through Oct. 12, with the WOU-Humboldt State football game. For more information: Student Organization and Activities coordinator, 503-838-8514.

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