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10/9 Pedee News: Arlene Kovash

October 08, 2013

Bert and Doris Bodin enjoyed their 25th anniversary with a cruise to Hawaii for 10 days in September.

They left from Vancouver, British Columbia, then spent time in Hilo and Kona on the Big Island, then were in Maui two days and on to Honolulu, where they caught the plane back to Vancouver. After getting back to Vancouver, they spent Sept. 24 there, which was their actual anniversary day, before driving back to Pedee.

They got great pictures of gorgeous flowers and foliage at the botanical gardens in Hilo, so ask to see them.


Former neighbor Sharon Ketchum has joined the Cabi clothing company as a home consultant and drove down from her home in Colville, Wash., to present a trunk show at Judy Guida's on Sept. 28. Several neighbors came and got to try on Cabi's beautiful fall and winter line of clothing.


The Pedee Women's Club is finishing up its candy-making for its Holiday Fair in November. The group received good help from Pam Dalton of Dallas, her sister Linda Chertudi and daughter Carrie James. Both Linda and Carrie again live in Pedee, where they all grew up. The club still packs boxes for overseas soldiers and would love donations or help in packing boxes, which occurs on the third Wednesday of the month. The Women's Club has always been known for its quilting, but now people come to work on other projects or just visit, so if you haven't joined because you don't quilt or sew, you are welcome to come just because. It's a great way to meet the neighbors.


Pedee Church has a new women's group that meets twice a month. It welcomes new members, so contact Heidi Russell at 503-838-2129 for more information. The church will host a harvest party on Oct. 26, so watch for more details.


Corrections: In last week's Pedee News I wrote that Connie Ames was Dorothy McBeth's niece. Wrong. She is Dorothy's daughter-in-law, and really like a daughter, Dorothy says. I also goofed in another column, calling Gary Quiring "Jerry." Sorry, Gary.

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