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November 26, 2013

Before we celebrate the annual Thanksgiving holiday when we gather together to give thanks for what is good in our world, I'd like to take a few moments to express my appreciation for those who will be working hard while we enjoy a relaxing day.

As we drive over the river and through the woods, our local, county and state police officers will be on the job to help make sure we arrive at our destinations safely. Every day they do their best to keep our neighborhoods, our communities and our roads and highways safe and secure.

Did your family decide to give grandmother a much-needed day off and is the destination a favorite restaurant? As you select from a bountiful Thanksgiving buffet or choose items from the menu, many restaurant and hotel employees are working hard behind the scenes to make sure that turkey, dressing and all those beautiful pumpkin and apple pies are delicious and memorable. Be sure to tip generously and let your servers and other restaurant employees know how much you appreciate their efforts as you enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Our hospitals and emergency care centers are fully staffed and ready to serve you, if necessary. Nurses, doctors and their medical teams, as well as the operations and custodial employees, are on the job ready to tend to our needs. We hope we won't need their services, but they are definitely there to help, just in case.

When we open the oven door to check on the progress of Thanksgiving dinner, let's take time to remember those hardworking folks from Monmouth Power & Light and Pacific Power & Light who make sure our homes are filled with light and warmth despite windstorms, rain and all the sneaky tricks that Mother Nature may have up her sleeve. The people at Northwest Natural are there to be sure fuel is available when the weather gets chillier and chillier. What about the folks who make sure the water is always ready at the turn of the faucet? Their responsibilities continue no matter what the calendar or weather forecast may say, and we are truly grateful for all they do.

There's never a holiday at our fire departments, where dedicated professional firefighters and volunteers are always ready for any challenge. In an emergency, you'll receive the benefit of their exceptional medical or fire suppression skills as well as kind and compassionate understanding.

Just as we are sure of the sun rising in the morning and setting in the evening, we know there are many people working hard to make sure Thanksgiving — and every day of the year — is good, safe and happy for everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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