Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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2/12 Pedee News: Arlene Kovash

February 11, 2014

Steve and Audrey Cameron's great-granddaughter, Addilyn Joy Kelley, has come home from Doernbecher Hospital after spending almost the entire three months since her birth as a patient there. Addi is off of her feeding tube and able to drink from a bottle now.

The family wants to thank all the friends and neighbors who have been praying for Addi. Her parents are Caitlin and Zach Kelley. Caitlin is the daughter of Steve and Audrey’s son, Bob. Steve and Audrey have enjoyed visiting her in the hospital every week since her birth. She was able to be home for the family Christmas party.

Audrey enjoyed spending a weekend with Bob's kids in Tigard. She went to the hospital to visit baby Addi and then the kids and grandma drove to Astoria and stayed overnight with their cousin, Natasha, and her mother, Xiao Hong Lui. They celebrated Chinese New Year early with a day at the beach before heading back home. Coming along for the trip were grandchildren Maima, Bobby and Zoey.

Juandeane Skidmore fell and broke her hip last Thursday while walking the dog and is in the Dallas Care Center for a few weeks. Her daughter, Beth Turtle, came down from Seattle to be with her husband, Skid, for a few days, then daughter Terrie Furutani came up from Redondo Beach, Calif., for a week. Other family members will then take over from there. The Dallas Care Center is not allowing visitors right now because of the flu, but Juandeane welcomes cards and phone calls.

My daughter, Lorraine Odell, and I went down to Laguna Niguel, Calif., for niece Emily Stegman's wedding on Feb. 1. In addition, we went to Disneyland for a day, and then visited with my sister, Janet Hirth, and her husband, Ted, and Emily's dad, Vic, for several days.

The worst part was that it never got much above 60 degrees, which was too bad since I was counting on the 70s like it had been.

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