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*Schlenker-Infranca - 25th

Lee Schlenker and Carol Infranca

Lee Schlenker and Carol Infranca

November 26, 2013

Schlenker-Infranca — 25th

Lee Schlenker and Carol Infranca of Monmouth celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a movie and dinner on Tuesday at McGrath's Fish House in Salem.

Lee Schlenker and Carol Infranca were married Nov. 26, 1988, at Reno Christian Fellowship in Reno, Nev. The Rev. John Etecho performed the ceremony. The couple's brothers and their children attended the ceremony.

The couple has lived in Polk County for the past four years. The couple previously resided in Reno.

Lee retired in 2010 after working as a teacher and engineer in Reno. Carol is self-employed as a reporter and public relations writer.

Lee is a member of the Dallas Rotary, Polk County Sheriff's SALT unit and is the president-elect of the Polk County Master Gardener chapter. Carol is also working with the Master Gardener chapter. They both enjoy gardening, fishing and being outdoors in the Pacific Northwest. They raise and show their silky terriers all over the West Coast. Carol also loves being in the yard with her flowers and dogs, and constantly puts their pictures on her Facebook page.

Their family includes Pamela and Brian Martel of Portland, and Michelle Darling of Washoe Valley, Nev. The couple has five grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

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